Go West Transit

Route 2 - Purple Limited

To and From Class

Route 2 - Purple travels the circumference of campus in a clockwise direction and serves all major buildings on campus as well as immediately off campus to the East.   It is a 18 minute route that begins on the Northeast corner of campus and ends, after more then one full circle, at Charles/Adams where it will turn East and become an LE bus, replacing on that will be pulling off line and Johnson/Pierce.  It provides "too and from class" access for North Charles, and Elting street during the crucial time of class exchange, as well as a timely ride across campus from Lincoln Hall

How does it work?

At :47 of each hour from 7:47 AM until and including 3:47 PM, the route begins by entering accessing Charles street from the North Quad area, It leaves Lincoln Cutout at :50, returning to Elting Street by :00 and finally becomming and Leatherneck Express Bus at Charles/Adams.


Schedule: Purple Limited

Days Monday - Friday
Times 7:47AM - 4:05 PM


Charles/Elting NB  :40
North Quad  
Charles/Elting SB :47


University Village SB

Charles/Adam SB

Linc/Wash/Grote :50
Olson Cutout :51

Brown Hall

Malpass Library

Stipes Hall

Morgan Hall :55

Waggoner Hall (Thompson)

Western Hall

Vince Grady Field

North Quad

Charles/Elting :00

Charles/Murray SB

University Village

Charles/Adams SB :03


Johson/Pierce (End)


Route Map

Route 2 - Purple Limited

screenshot of Route 2 - Purple Limited - click for PDF