Go West Transit

Route 6 - Maroon West

Nights and Weekend Campus to Shopping connector.

Route 6 - Maroon West moves through Campus Weeknights and Weekends, running extensively when campus is in session, and Monday through Saturday days when WIU is not in session.  It Connects the four corners of campus to each other and to the City Center, as well as Aspen court.  6 Maroon West meets with 5 Brown at the City Center, then changes its designation to either 6 Maroon East or 16 Maroon East, heading to the east side shopping areas of Macomb, then meets back at the City center to change back to 6 Maroon West.

How it works:

5  Brown and 6 Maroon alternate their East and West halves.  The East portion of their routes are identical, while the West halves provide access to campus.

6 Maroon East connects the City Center to Chandler Park, East Jackson Street, wheeler and North Prairie to the Shopping canters on the East side of Macomb.

6 Maroon West Connects the City Center to Campus, Charles Street, Wigwam Hallow and Aspen Court..


Use the Smart phone app if you are concerned exactly when the next bus will be there.


IN Session
Monday - Friday 6:10 PM - 9:40 PM
Saturday  11:10 AM - 9:40 PM
Sunday 12:10 PM - 8:40 PM

Times listed indicate minutes after the hour.

6 Maroon West
Stop Name  Time Text Code
City Center :10 111
Randolph/Pierce NB   279
Pierce/Lafayette WB   236
Pierce/Johnson WB   412
Johnson/Adams SB   406
Adams/Charles WB   184
Lincoln Hall Cutout  :14 240
Olson Cutout

 :15 189
Adams/Eggers WB   297
Turnberry Village 1 & Aspen Court on Wigwam SB   303
Turnberry Village 3 on Wigwam SB    503 
Aspen Court SB :20 190
Collins/Jackson NB   116
Turnberry 1 & 3 on Wigwam NB :22  302 
Wigwam Hollow/Riverview Drive NB   286
Wigwam Hollow/Pollock Drive NB   272
University/Wigwam Hallow EB   178
Linden/Riverview   237
Riverview/Western   405
Malpass Library NB  :27 206
Stipes Hall   254
Morgan Hall   255
Waggoner (Thompson)  :29 293
Western Hall   312
Vince Grady Field EB   452
North Quad SB   100
Charles/Elting SB
:33 205
Charles/Murray SB   256
Murray/Albert EB   420
Johnson/Pierce SB   421
Pierce/Lafayette EB   234
Pierce/Randolph EB   280
City Center :40 111


Route Map

Route 6 West - Maroon

screenshot of Route 6 - Maroon West - Click for PDF map