Go West Transit

Route 15 Brown West

West:  WIU Campus, WIU Residence Halls, West Jackson, City Center

15 Brown West functions as an LE bus from Brophy Hall to Lincoln Hall, helping to move students south around campus during class exchanges.  

15 Brown also Connects Campus to Jackson Street, City Center and then changes its designation to 15 Brown East, that connects to Downtown, then to the East side shopping area (Walmart, HyVee, Etc).  The bus then continues as either 5 Brown West and East into the evening. and weekends, filling the same function but doing so in a slightly different way.

When Leaving the City Center, 15 Brown West is going to Campus, while 15 Brown East is Heading towards the East Side Shopping Centers.  The "East" Bus will always be at the East end of the City Center.  (If you are already on a Brown bus, you do not need to change buses to contingue on a Brown bus)

How it works:

When at the City Center, the East Bus is always heading East to shopping, while the West Bus is always heading West to Campus.  At :10 and :40 of each hour the routes are in service, there will always be an East bus and a West bus at the City Center.  


Route 15 Brown West runs when WIU is in session.

Monday-Friday: 7:40 AM - 6:10 PM

Times listed below indicate minutes after the hour.

15 Brown West    
Stop Name Time Text Code
City Center :40  111
Randolph/Pierce NB    279
Pierce/Lafayette WB   236
Pierce/Johnson WB   412
Murray/Albert WB    
Charles/Murray NB   181
Charles/Elting NB :45 206
North Quad NB   277 
University Services Building WB   305 
Vince Grady Field WB   415 

Brophy Hall

Thompson Hall :52 293
Currens Hall   194
Horrabin Hall Shelter :53  246
Brown Hall   173
Corbin Cutout   412 
Adams/Normal (Olson Hall) EB :57  190
Linc/Wash/Grote EB   239
Jackson Stree Pub on Jackson EB   310
McDonalds West on Jackson EB   248
Vitale's (Jackson/Albert) EB   162
Walgreen's (Dudley/Jackson)    307
City Center :10 111

Route Map

Route 15 West - Brown

screenshot of Route 15 - Brown - West - Click for PDF