Go West Transit

Route 15 Brown East and 16 Maroon East

Walgreen's, East Jackson Street, East Side Shopping Centers, Wheeler and Prairie View, City Center

15/16 East Connect the City Center to Campus When WIU is in session.  When a West bus reaches the City Center from Campus, it changes its designation to its East but counterpart, connecting Campus to the East side Shppoing of macomb.

The bus then Continues as a 5 Brown (West and East) Bus into the evening and weekends, filling the same function but doing so in a slightly different way.

When Leaving the City Center, The West bus is going to Campus, while the East is Heading towards the East Side Shopping Centers.  The "East" Bus will always be at the East end of the City Center.  (If you arrived at the City Center on a West bus, you do not need to change buses.  The bus you are on will change its designation to become an East Bus)

How it works:

When at the City Center, the East Bus is always heading East to shopping, while the West Bus is always heading West to Campus.  At :10 and :40 of each hour the routes are in service, there will always be an East bus and a West bus at the City Center.  from 7:40 AM to 5:40 PM these buses will be 15 Brown East and 16 Maroon East, after 6:00 PM and on weekends these will be 5 Brown East and 6 Maroon East.  During Breaks, it will be 5 Brown West to 15 Brown East, and 6 Maroon West to 16 Maroon East.


Route 15 Brown and 16 Maroon (East) runs all year.

Monday-Friday: 8:10 AM - 5:40 PM

When WIU is NOT in Session (Breaks), they run on Saturdays.

Saturday:  11:10 AM - 4:40 PM

Times listed below indicate minutes after the hour.

15 Brown East 16 Maroon East
Stop Name Time   Text Code
  15 16  
City Center :10 :40  111
Randolph/Pierce NB     279
Dudley/Pierce SB     399
YMCA on Dudley SB     516 
Dudley/Jackson (Walgreens) SB     309
Jackson/Mechanic EB     418
Jackson/White EB     505
East Jackson South Side Plaza & Theatre  :16 :46 228
Prairie/Carroll NB      329
Prairie/Adams NB     509
Prairie View Homes EB     322 
Village at Wheeler EB  :21 :51 318
Arby's SB     326
Hy-Vee  :24 :54 326
Aldi     166
Carroll/Prairie EB     074
Prairie/Jackson (Casey's)     323
Kiljordan (Jackson)     227
Hampton Inn on Jackson EB     211
Burger King on Jackson EB     174
Starbucks     019
Walmart :29 :59 308
Arby's NB     413
Village at Wheeler WB     317
Prairie View Homes - East WB     325
Wheeler/Prairie     321
Wheeler/Bonham WB     265
Pierce/Pearl WB     265
MTC (Pierce/Mechanic) WB     439
Pierce/Edwards WB     203
Pierce/Dudley WB     440
Pierce/Randolph WB     281
City Center :40 :10 111

Route Map

Route 15 East - Brown & Route 16 East - Maroon

screenshot of Route 15 - Brown - East - Click for PDF