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Route 18 - Northwest

A Part of Route 18

West Jackson, Lincoln Hall, Olson Hall, the WIU strip, Thompson Hall, Q-lot then River Run & Glenwood Park

Route 18 Northwest Services West Jackson, then a Campus loop from Lincoln Hall to Q-Lot during class exchanges, then runs to River Rin then the City Center.  It is 30 minute route that grants addition acces to and around campus ass well as the rest of Macomb.

Route 18 North Leaves at the City Center at :40 of the hour and returns at :10 meeting with 18 South, 19 Southwest 16 Maroon West and 15 Brown East.

How it works:

 The Bus Driving 18 North will alternate between Route 18 Northwest and  Route 18 South. It  meets with the other routes at the city center to exchange passengers


Helpful Tips!

If a bus is too far off of schedule, the routes that were scheduled to meet it may be forced to move on before it arrives.

18 North Connects to Shopping via 16 Maroon East, The Spoon River Collage via Route 19 and The Hospital via 18 South.


Times listed below indicate minutes after the hour.

In Session only
Monday – Friday: 7:40 AM - 6:10 PM
Saturday:  11:10 AM - 5:10 PM

Stop Name All Hours
of Operation
Text Code
City Center :40  111
Taco Bell WB    
McDonald's West     
Dairy Queen WB    
Calhoun/Charles EB    
Charles/Adams NB    
Lincoln Hall Cutout :47  
Olson Cutout :49   
 Brown Hall NB    
Malpass Library NB :52  
 Stipes Hall    
Morgan Hall     
 Waggoner (Thompson) :54  
 Western Hall     
Q-Lot  :56   
Super 8 (USB) EB    

Glenwood Park

New Burlington Rd/Hwy 67

River Run :01  335
Krohe Rd/Hwy 67    444
Quality Inn    
Pierce/Randolph EB    
 City Center :10  111

Route Map

Route 18 Northwest

screenshot of Route 18 - North PDF map