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Route 18 - South

A Part of Route 18

Leaves the City Center at :40

Hospital, Jefferson House, South Side of Square - City Center

Route 18 North/South is an hourly Route that connects the Hospital, Jefferson House and the Southwest Regions of Macomb to the City Center as well as River Run and the Macomb Parks and North - The main stops on the South half of this route include Walgreen's, YMCA, Jefferson House, the south side of the Square and the Hospital, including, by request, Grand Prairie and Wesley Village.  As a note, it arrives at Jefferson House twice; Once on the way to the hospital, then again on its way to the Square and the City Center.

Route 18 Leaves the City Center at :40 of the hour, returning at :10, meeting with Route 15 East for shopping, Route 16 West for Campus, and Route 19 Southwest for Bridgeway, DMV, West Jackson and South Ward. To head North, simply stay on 18 as it continues its route as 18 North.

How it works:

The Bus that runs Route 18 South (:40) alternates with Route 18 North.(:10).



Route 18 runs all year.

Monday-Friday: 7:40 AM to 6:10 PM
Saturday: 11:10 AM to 5:10 PM
Stop Name Time Text Code
City Center  :10  111
Randolph/Pierce   279
Pierce/Dudley   399
YMCA (Dudley/Calhoun) :12 516 
Walgreen's (Dudley/Jackson)   309
CVS on Dudley   441
Jefferson/Edwards   202
Jefferson House (Pearl/Jefferson) :16 221





VFW (Candy Ln/Jefferson)

Candy Lane/Franklin   442
By Request:  Grand Prairie   443
By Request:  Wesley Village   445
Madelyn Ave  :22 242
McDonough District Hospital   251
Health Services Buildings 1 & 2 :25  212
Madelyn Ave   242
Pearl/Bobby (North bound)   508
Edison School   200
Jefferson House (Pearl/Jefferson) Northbound  :30 221
Washington/Dudley   193
CVS on Washington   453
South Side of Square East :32 292
South Side of Square West   294
Washington/Johnson (Spoon River)   257
City Center :40 111

Route Map

Route 18 South

Map of Route 18 South - Click for PDF map