Teachers' Comments about Integrating Technology into the Curriculum

When ACTTT teachers were asked to comment on the outcomes realized by children during the technology activities, a first grade teacher said, Children gained a sense of empowerment at the computer.

A kindergarten teacher commented, The computer activities helped the children connect to the real world. Taking a digital picture of a flower and talking about how the word ‘flower’ started with ‘f’ – made it more real. It wasn’t just a picture or word in a textbook.

Another first grade teacher commented, The children gain confidence in knowing how to work the computer and completing an activity. I’ve seen increased cooperation amongst the children, since many times they have to share computers because some of the computers in the lab don’t work. Children ask each other for help. This leads to increased self-esteem for some of them.

When asked how the children responded to the technology activities, a second grade teacher said, Children looked forward to computer time. Some children took leadership roles in the computer lab – especially children who don’t shine in other areas.

A kindergarten teacher commented about how children who are occasionally off task respond to the computer, The technology activities grasped their attention; something different than paper and pencil. Some children who were immature during other activities found a place when using technology.

Another kindergarten teacher noted how well her students with disabilities did during technology activities, The technology activities enabled them to shine and increased their confidence. In other activities children know who doesn’t do well in class; they also know who is good at it. With the computer activities they are more equal.

One first grade teacher described her favorite technology activities that she has repeated the past 2 years: The children take pictures of each other doing an action. We then put together a slideshow on verbs. During our unit on Columbus, the children label scanned pictures of the ships. We also go on a walk in the Fall and the children take pictures of the colorful leaves and other things in nature. We come back and use the digital pictures to make a book related to their experience.

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