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ArtExpress is a comprehensive expressive arts curriculum for young children with disabilities. The curriculum discusses the importance of the arts as a way to communicate thoughts, feelings, and ideas to others. The expressive arts can be used across learning domains, impacting children's cognitive, communication, motor, and social and emotional development. Suggestions for activities are included in the curriculum. ArtExpress is divided into the chapters as listed below.

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An Overview of ArtExpress
Children and The Arts
The Adult Roles
Structuring the Environment
Visual Arts
Music and Movement
Dramatic Play
Integrating the Arts into Early Childhood Experiences
Adapting Materials
When Families Participate

Sample Activities from the ArtExpress Curriculum

The Expressive Arts Curriculum contains a variety of activities easily adapted to meet the needs of young children. While ArtExpress primarily focuses on the visual arts; music, movement, and dramatic play are also a part of the curriculum. During the five years of development and field testing with over 300 young children, not one child refused to participate in the expressive arts. The following activities are from ArtExpress.

The ArtSpace Museum

Drawing to Music

Drawing with Crayons

The Three Little Pigs

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