Taking Pictures of Your Screen

by Carol Schneider

The creation of curriculum materials has been made easy by all the new printer products on the market today. All you need to know is how to capture images from software.

You can capture a picture file of all or parts of your screen from any computer. These captured images can then be used to create documentation, resized to maintain image readability, saved for E-mail, or used in a word or graphic program. When creating curriculum activities and using new products such as Invent It Sheets, Window Decals, Bumper Stickers, Print and Stick, Colorfast Printer Fabric™ Sheets, Mouse Pad Kit, or Photo Album Kit, it is easy to capture images from any computer for any activity.
The following method can be used with Macintosh computers with system 7.1 or higher. (For additional assistance, under the menu bar select “Help Center,” search for “pictures” and select “Keyboard shortcuts for taking pictures of your screen.”)
To capture a picture file of the entire screen from a Macintosh computer, simply press:

OpenApple + Shift + 3

To capture a picture file of a rectangular section of the screen press:

OpenApple + Shift + 4

To capture a picture file of a window:

OpenApple + Shift + 4 + Capslock

(The plus sign (+) means keys are held down together.)

Pictures are automatically saved to the hard drive. To copy a section of the screen or a window to the Clipboard instead of saving it as a file, press the Control key as you select the part of the screen or window.

A program called, PICTify (Johnson, S.A., 92-94) can also be used to capture images from a Macintosh. Once loaded onto the computer, the image is placed into the Control Panel. Select one or more keys (Shift, Command, Control, or Option) to invoke PICTify. When the keys have been activated a “+” will appear on the screen. Click and hold while you drag the mouse across your image. Once the mouse is released, you will hear a snapshot sound. PICTify will then ask where you would like to save the image. Select the file type (TeachText™ or ResEdit™) and name the file. (Note: PICTify is not compatible with any version of Microsoft Word.) PICTify is free and available from Download.com.

SnagIt 5.2.0 (01) is a freeware program to capture images, text, and video. SnagIt allows the user to capture more than a few screens for any purpose. SnagIt requires an IBM, PC, or compatible that meets the minimum hardware requirements for the computer’s version of Microsoft Windows, Windows 95 or higher, and a mouse or other pointing device. Clicking on the SnagIt icon from the start menu will activate the program. Simply press <CTRL><SHIFT><P> to capture your image. SnagIt is free and available from Download.com.

Capturing images for the classroom is a great idea for curriculum integration. Images can be used for storybooks, labeling, communication boards/devices, switches, software programs (e.g. HyperStudio and KidDesk), slide shows, and/or iMovies. Check out Download.com for software mentioned here and for other utility software.

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