Tips for Making Technology Work for You

by Letha Clark and Terry Clare

Dilemmas and questions continue to surface as members of the ECCTS* staff work in classrooms with teachers and young children. Developing the environment in and around the technology center, integrating software and various forms of technology into the curriculum, and using KidDesk to help manage computer use are topics we frequently return to during individual conversations, training workshops, and staff development opportunities. The following provide some "tried and true" suggestions.


Curriculum Integration:

CAUSE AND EFFECT COMMUNITY CONSTRUCTION FAMILIES FARM (AGRICULTURE) FEELINGS FOOD FRIENDS IMAGINATION MATH CONCEPTS AND PROBLEM SOLVING MUSIC SOCIAL STUDIES REPETITIVE STORIES, POEMS, AND SONGS SCIENCE AND NATURE SWITCH PROGRAMS TALL TALES AND FUNNY STORIES TRANSPORTATION Organizing children's software on the Windows98 desktop: Make a new folder on the desktop by right clicking on the mouse. A popup menu box appears, choose "New" and then "Folder." Right click on the new folder, choose "Rename" in the popup menu and type "Children's Software" (or some other title).

Install children's software. Follow the auto install or open the "Control Panels" and access "Add/Remove Programs." Go to the "Start" menu and find the software publishing company folder under program files. Highlight the software application and right click. Choose "Create a Shortcut" from the pop-up menu. The shortcut will appear under the original application. Click and drag the shortcut to your "children's software" folder. Or choose another method to create a shortcut. Double click on "My Computer," "c: drive," "program files," and then the software company folder. Locate the software application (.exe file) and right click to open a pop-up menu. Select "Create a Shortcut." Move the shortcut (click and drag) to the "Children's Software" folder.

Helpful Hint: Locate the original program folder by right clicking on the shortcut icon and choosing "Properties" from the menu. In the "Properties" box, choose "Find Target" to find the folder in which the application is located.

Add a kid:

After setting up a child's desk, click "OK" to complete the process.

Add applications using shortcuts:


*Note: Project ECCTS (Early Childhood Comprehensive Technology System), funded by the U.S. Department of Education, provides training and technical support to early childhood programs who wish to establish an on-site Technology Team. More information can be found at

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