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Project TTAP (Technology Team Assessment Process) developed a cost effective functional technology assessment model to ensure that children from birth to 8 with moderate to severe disabilities receive a thorough team assessment and follow-up consultation as part of a comprehensive assessment process. Project TTAP provided replication training on our technology assessment model to teams of early childhood personnel, service providers, and families.

TTAP's team assessment training provides teams with the ability to determine most effective hardware, software, and adaptive devices for an individual child and to avoid the "hit and miss" approach of making assistive technology recommendations. A manual describing the TTAP process, as well as an observation instrument developed by the Project is available from the Center for Best Pracices in Early Childhood.

TTAP was funded by the U.S. Department of Education's Early Education Program for Children with Disabilities, PR#H024D40023.

An overview of the TTAP Model

Computer Evaluation Sample

Training Agenda

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