Technology Team Assessment Process
Training Agenda

Day 1
Philosophy of Using Technology with Young Children
Equipment Selection
Designing the Environment
Software Selection for Assessment

Selection of Input Method


Ke:nx Applications

Unicorn/Key Largo
Multiple Switch Box

Curriculum Integration

Future Applications

* * * *

Day 2
Benefits of Technology Assessment and Team Approach
Purpose of Technology Assessment
Overview of TTAP Procedures
Planning Selected Child's Assessment

Before the Assessment Procedures

Review Background Information Form and videotape
Discuss IEP goals & Evaluation Reports
Planning the Assessment Agenda

During the Assessment Procedures

Assessing Reliable Movement, Positioning, Equipment Placement
Designing Off-computer Activities, Computer Activities
Customizing Activities for Selected Child - creating Ke:nx set-ups

Preparing for the Assessment

Setting Up the Environment
Software Checklist
Materials Checklist
Peripherals Checklist
Assessment Agenda

* * * *

Day 3
Meet with Team Members - set up equipment and video camera
Conduct Assessment

After the Assessment Procedures

Discuss evaluation process
Review videotape
Complete Individual Trial Form and TECH ACCESS as group
Discuss recommendations
Write report on computer
Discuss follow-up procedures for child and family



Workshop Evaluations