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Print Publications

ACTTT Curriculum

#CPB-DVD-005    $20    DVD containing 33 printable activities

Developed by the Accessing Curriculum Through Technology Tools project, the ACTTT Curriculum DVD contains 33 technology-based curriculum activities targeting grades K-2. All ACTTT curriculum activities are aligned with learning standards developed by the National Council of Teachers of English and the International Reading Association, the National Council for Teachers of Math, the National Research Council, the National Council for the Social Studies, the Consortium of National Arts Education Associations, and the International Society for Technology in Education. Each activity addresses multiple learning standards.

Here's what you'll find in each activity:

  1. an overall objective for the activity
  2. the curricular areas of focus
  3. learner outcomes and national learning standards
  4. time needed to complete the activity
  5. software used during the activity and system requirements for that software
  6. supporting software that can be used to produce similar results
  7. at least two additional activities to extend learning opportunities
  8. and resource information.

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A Curriculum to Accompany "ArtSpace"
#CBP-PP-008    $10    ON SALE!

This five-part, 96-page curriculum contains great ideas for promoting and using visual art in an early childhood classroom. Thirty pages are devoted to suggested activities related to (1) Art (e.g, Collage, Lines, Sculpture), (2) People and What They Do (e.g., Cultures, Food, Transportation), and (3) Nature and Living Things (e.g., animals, flowers, weather). Excellent Resource!

The curriculum comes with a FREE CD-ROM for the Macintosh (revised 2001) containing an interactive adventure to an art museum. The museum has a gallery of art created by adults and another of art created by preschool and elementary school children. The Galleries include descriptions, comments, and sometimes videos about each work of art. A Studio option allows children participate in simulated drawing experiences. "ArtSpace" can be used with the mouse, a touch screen, or a switch for easy access by children with disabilities.

See sample pages from A Curriculum to Accompany "ArtSpace."
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#CBP-PP-010    $15

This innovative, yet practical guide for helping teachers implement a comprehensive expressive arts curriculum in their classrooms includes tips for arranging the environment, family involvement ideas, adaptations, and documentation.

Birth to Three TechTools
#CBP-PPCD-015    CD-ROM and Printed Activities in a Binder    $15    ON SALE!

TechToolsis intended to improve the results of early intervention and to provide access to and participation in daily experiences in natural environments for infants and toddlers with disabilities or at risk. Early Intervention Providers can use features of the database for keeping records of children in their case loads and for finding activities to support a therapy.

The TechTools CD-ROM combines three components: Component 1: The CORE Curriculum (CORE) is based on the normal developmental sequence by which infants and toddlers grow and learn. Behaviors in the areas of interest are broken into small steps so that one can see even tiny demonstrations of the child’s progress. Included in the CORE are gross motor, fine motor, cognitive, social, communication, and self-care skills. Learning activities in the CORE are play-based and were developed in conjunction with early intervention specialists, physical and occupational therapists, communication professionals, families, and literature related to the sequence of child growth and development. The CORE includes images and video to illustrate skill sequences.

Component 2: Technology Activities uses technology tools and adaptations to help infants and toddlers successfully establish a sense of control over the environment, to give them a reason to persist in attempts to do so, and to enhance their autonomy and communication. Toys used in TechTools were evaluated on their contribution to the development the CORE skill areas, as well as on their appeal to the interests and abilities of children under age 3. Activities are cross-referenced to CORE skills and sequences. Toys were evaluated using Universal Design (UD) for Play Tool developed by Mistrett and Ruffino (2005). The technology toy section of TechTools contains 84 activities representing 37 toys divided by different age groups: four activities with children birth-6 months; one activity with children 3-6 months; one activity with children 9-12 months; 13 activities with children 6-12 months; 20 activities with children 12-18 months; 20 activities with children 18-24 months; and 25 activities with children 24-36 months.

Component 3: Daily Routines and Events in the Natural Environment. Each skill sequence in the CORE contains activities relating to daily routines and experiences in the natural environment.

Technology Activity Cards are hard copy, 8.5” x 6” tabbed cards, separated by age for each technology toy. The TechTools CD-ROM contains a PDF file for each activity so a Provider can print the activity to leave with families.

Important! The TechTools database was developed for and works in conjunction with FileMaker Pro 8.5. A user should have basic knowledge of databases to operate the product successfully. FileMaker Pro 8.5 or later must be installed on the user’s computer.

LitTECH Toolkit
#CBP-PPV-030    $50    ON SALE!

Use the LitTECH Toolkit to provide staff development training on supporting children's emergent literacy development. In one package your professional development trainers receive all the resources they need to train on this important topic.

The Curriculum Resource Guide and CD contain training agendas and handouts to support the training content. Materials included in the ToolKit are the eMERGing Literacy and Technology: Working Together curriculum guide and five DVDs to use during training: LitTECH Interactive Presents: The Beginning of Literacy; Your Preschool Classroom Computer Center: How Does It Measure Up?; A Guide to Selecting Software for Young Children; Supporting the Early Childhood Curriculum with Technology; and Tools of the Trade: Early Childhood Software.

Note: Four of the DVDs are available for purchase separately in VHS format. Descriptions of those products are included in the Video Products section of this webpage. The fifth DVD, LitTECH Interactive Presents: The Beginning of Literacy, provides an overview linking technology to the concepts of emergent literacy. While providing information about the concepts of print to stages of writing, the DVD showcases children and teachers using technology as part of their classroom literacy activities.