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Windows on Learning
#CBP-VP-001    VHS only: $5.00    ON SALE!

Careful observation gives teachers insight into what children know, what they are beginning to learn, and where their interests lie. Filmed at the Valeska Hinton Early Childhood Center in Peoria, Illinois, this video is a useful introduction to documenting children's learning in the classroom context. It shows documentation in action in an urban early childhood setting.

A Children's Journey: Investigating the Fire Truck
#CBP-VP-004    VHS only: $5.00    ON SALE!

Beginning with an introduction to young children's projects by Lilian Katz and Judy Helm, this video brings to life the experiences of a group of young investigators in a community early childhood program serving children of all abilities. Through the eyes of teacher Pam Scranton and the children, as revealed within actual classroom footage, the viewer connects to the children's wonder and curiousity as the children investigate the community fire truck over time.

Supporting a Comprehensive Technology System: Roles of an On-Site Technology Team
#CBP-VP-009    DVD: $15.00    VHS: $5.00    ON SALE!

This video illustrates the importance of a comprehensive system that includes (a) assessing children's technology needs (b) integrating computers into the curriculum (c) making satisfactory transitions.

The video demonstrates how the Technology Team at Just Kids Early Childhood Learning Center in Middle Island, New York, successfully accomplished technology-related goals. The Tech Team at Just Kids was trained by the Center for Best Practices in Early Childhood Education (formerly Macomb Projects) staff to troubleshoot technical problems and to assist with technology integration. Teachers, parents, and team members discuss the benefits of the comprehensive system and demonstrate the team's contributions to that success.

The half-hour video is a must for those who are purchasing technology and software for the classroom since it demonstrates that equipment itself is not enough. Ongoing training and technical support supply the ingredients that mean the dollars invested in the technology will be well spent.

Your Preschool Classroom Computer Center: How Does It Measure Up?
#MTR-006    DVD: $15.00    VHS: $5.00    ON SALE!

Addresses issues related to the environment of the classroom computer center. Environment includes not only where the computer center is placed in the classroom, but also how the teacher manages (or allows the children to manage) that center. The video is based on the Center's assessment tool Your Preschool Classroom Computer Center: How Does It Measure Up? which accompanies the video. The video provides guidelines for teachers who are trying to make the computer center an integral part of their classroom. Viewers will hear comments from preschool teachers regarding changes they made and the results of those changes. The video also shows footage of computer center arrangements and of children as they use software and equiptment in the computer center.

Supporting the Early Childhood Curriculum with Technology
#MTR-013    DVD: $15.00

Addresses technology integration and how teachers enhance and support thematic units with software and related materials. Plan on seeing a creepy, crawly adventure with bugs, investigating interesting and familiar body parts with Mr. Potato Head, and modeling nutrition experiences with DW the Picky Eater. Join preschool teachers as they give us a peek into their classrooms to observe technology integration in action!

A Guide to Selecting Software for Young Children
#MTR-014    DVD: $15.00    VHS: $5.00    ON SALE!

Use A Guide to Selecting Software for Young Children to help you solve the software selection dilemma! The video features and discusses a variety of software, including graphic, tool, and authoring programs. The "Software Evaluation Checklist" is introduced, and a facilitator demonstrates and explains five levels of interactivity to consider as you choose appropriate software to help meet young children's individual needs.

STARnet Apples Video Magazine Broadcasts (more than 70 different broadcasts are available)
$50 ($25 for Illinois Residents)

Apples Video Magazine is a monthly inservice training program designed specifically around early childhood issues for professionals and families. When staff and family travel presents an obstacle for personal or professional development, Apples Video Magazine can provide opportunities to learn, at your convenient time and location, about current issues and programmatic strategies in the early education and care of young children.