State-funded Early Childhood Projects

Provider Connections: Early Intervention Credentialing and Enrollment offers technical assistance to EI providers in Illinois and border states who desire to obtain an EI credential in Illinois. Announcements, FAQs, application packets, databases, and podcasts are included.

STARnet Regions I and III lists upcoming workshops and training events in Illinois Regions I and III; offers online workshop registration services, family resources, resource library loan information, applications for family and professional fellowships, a product order form, and online viewing of Apples Video Magazines from 1998-present. Apples Video Magazine is an inservice training program designed around early childhood issues important to professionals and families.

Technology-Related Resources from Federally-funded Early Childhood Projects

ACTTT (Accessing Curriculum Through Technology Tools) developed and tested an integrated K-2 curriculum supported by technology tools, such as digital cameras, digital microscopes, computers and software, printers and scanners, and the Internet. All ACTTT curriculum activities are tied to national learning standards. The ACTTT webpages offer sample curricular activities and examples of activities (e.g., books, movies, podcasts, Internet research) done by K-2 participants. The ACTTT Curriculum is available on a DVD. See the Center's Products page for details.

EC-TIIS (Early Childhood Technology Integrated Instructional System) is a series of nine online workshops which focus on using technology as a tool to assist young children with disabilities. Daycare providers, graduate and undergraduate students, early childhood and special education faculty, preschool teachers and support staff, and families of children with disabilities will all find useful information in these workshops. Topics are Adaptations; Computer Environment; Curriculum Integration; Emergent Literacy; Expressive Arts; Family Participation; Math, Science, and Social Studies, Software; and Technology Assessment.

ArtExpress: The Expressive Arts Project provides an overview of the ArtExpress curriculum and sample activities demonstrating how the expressive arts can be used across learning domains, impacting children's cognitive, communication, motor, and social and emotional development. See the Centers Products page to order ArtExpress.

ECCSPLORe-IT (Early Childhood Curriculum Support, Predicting, Listening, Observing, and Recording) created a math, science, and social studies curriculum, Young Children As Explorers, which integrates activities from a variety of curricular areas including art, music, movement, literacy, math, science, and social studies. Each activity is aligned with math, science, and social studies standards. The website contains sample curriculum activities and resources (i.e., Suggested Software, Recommended Websites for Families, and Recommended Websites for Teachers). Young Children As Explorers may be ordered from the Center's Products page.

ELiTeC: Early Childhood Technology Literacy Curriculum offers many helpful early literacy resources to families and early childhood professionals, including learning modules on designing the literacy environment, fostering early literacy at home and in the classroom, and understanding the stages of drawing, scribbling, and writing; the concepts of print; the relationship between art and writing.

ITLC Online (Interactive Technology Literacy Curriculum Online) contains workshops on the following topics: Literacy Foundations, Literacy Environments, Children's Software, Technology Integration, Authoring Software, and Literacy Assessment.

LitTECH Interactive Outreach replicated an technology-based literacy curriculum model into early childhood special education programs serving children age three to six with mild to moderate disabilities in 17 school districts. As a result of LitTECH activities, children gained emergent literacy skills and improved their understanding of concepts. Communication skills, social interaction, problem solving, and attending skills improved. Products resulting from the project include the eMERGing Literacy and Technology: Working Together curriculum guide; two videos: Children as Storytellers to the World: HyperStudio, Literacy & the Internet and LitTECH Interactive Presents: The Beginning of Literacy. See the Products page for ordering information.

ECCTS (Early Childhood Comprehensive Technology System) explains the history and components of a successful project that established on-site technology teams to provide staff development, curriculum integration information, technology assessment, and transition services. Many resources and references are included.