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Welcome to TechTools!

Birth to Three TechTools (TechTools), a U.S. Department of Education Steppingstones of Technology Phase 1 Development project, was conducted by staff at the Center for Best Practices in Early Childhood at Western Illinois University. The TechTools product was designed to

  1. improve results of early intervention
  2. and improve access to and participation in daily experiences in the natural environment for children with disabilities, ages birth to three.

The TechTools CD-ROM (TechTools) combines three components:

  1. the CORE Curriculum (CORE), a set of tested birth to three learning experiences developed by the Macomb 0-3 Regional Project;
  2. birth to three assistive technology (AT) procedures developed and tested by Activating Children through Technology (ACTT)
  3. and everyday routines and events in children's natural environments.
TechTools emphasizes six developmental areas critical to children’s interactions with people, objects, and events in their environment: gross motor, fine motor, cognition, communication, social, and self care.

The TechTools package consists of a database on CD-ROM, a recordkeeping function for a PDA, and technology activities. The product is packaged in a 9” x 7” binder that houses 84 printed, tabbed Technology Activity cards and the CD-ROM containing the TechTools database,the technology activities in .pdf format, an introduction to the product, and a brief video explaining how to use the database.

The TechTools CD-ROM (TechTools) contains three components:

  1. CORE Curriculum
  2. Technology Activities
  3. and Daily Experiences.
Its content is based on research and practice, reflects recent developments and applications in the field, and incorporates appropriate and effective multimedia. TechTools is intended to improve the results of early intervention and to provide access to and participation in daily experiences in natural environments for infants and toddlers with disabilities or at risk. Ordering information is located on the Center for Best Practices in Early Childhood's Products webpage.

Read the TechTools report.

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