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TechTools combines three components on CD-ROM:
(1) a set of tested birth to three learning experiences, the CORE Curriculum (CORE), developed by the Macomb 0-3 Regional Project; (2) a range of current assistive technology procedures and effective birth
to three technology activities; and (3) everyday routines and events in the natural learning environment.
The CD will include elements of activity-based and skill-based learning experiences that focus on the routines of infants and toddlers in the natural learning environment, combined with appropriate adaptive technologies. The emphasis of TechTools will be on the six developmental areas: gross motor, fine motor, cognition, communication, social, and self-care skills.
All are important for play and interaction with people, objects, and events in the child's environment.

Birth to Three TechTools is a Phase 1 Steppingstones Project funded by the U.S. Department of Education,
Office of Special Education & Rehabilitative Services, Office of Special Education Programs. PR# H327A040100. The project is directed by Patricia Hutinger and Carol Bell.

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