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Zimbra 8 Enhancements and Changes 

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On May 23rd, during the Friday night maintenance window, uTech staff will be upgrading the Zimbra mail system from version 7 to version 8. This is a major upgrade and will result in some noticeable changes to the Zimbra system.

Zimbra 8 Inbox

Zimbra 8 inbox screenshot (click for larger version)

Zimbra 8 Calendar

Zimbra 8 calendar screenshot (click for larger version)

There will be some changes to the look and feel of Zimbra. uTech has created a new default WIU theme. Other Zimbra themes, such as "Hot Rod" and "Lemongrass", will also be available as well as a few new ones specifically created for Zimbra 8.

Zimbra 8 has a simpler, cleaner look that will make it easier to navigate and use. Most of the features and tools are still there and the interface should not feel much different. It should not take long to become familiar with the new interface. Any impact to your email workflow should be minimal. 

The "Chat" feature that was in Zimbra 7 will not be available in version 8. Chat was a "beta" feature that never was officially supported by Zimbra. If the chat feature is important to you, please contact the Support Center. We can provide a different chat solution for you.

For further details on changes, please review the following.  If you have any questions about the Zimbra 8 upgrade, please contact the uTech Support Center at (309) 298-2704 or

Zimbra Web Client Serenity User Experience

  • Streamlined User Interface. The user interface has been completely redesigned with simplicity and ease of use being the key improvements. The Zimbra 8 interface is more streamlined so that common actions are easily discoverable and highly intuitive to use.
  • Conversation View. In Zimbra 8 email is presented to users in a “natural” conversation view that makes reading and replying to messages convenient and intuitive. Quoted text is hidden and messages are laid out in a way that is easy for users to understand the “in-reply-to” relationship between different messages in the same email thread. Discreet links to Reply, Forward and More Actions (presented just below the email) let users respond to messages quickly and efficiently.
  • Rich Composition. Improved composition editor allows users to craft rich text emails, with features such as paste-style support from desktop applications and the ability to include inline images bring the power of desktop word processors to email.
  • Shared Tagging. In Zimbra 8 tagging functionality has been improved so that when items are shared users cannot only use tags to organize their data but also share these tags across applications as well as mailboxes.

Activity Stream

Activity Stream allows users extensive control over the messages that go to their Inbox. Activity Stream is intended for low priority mail that the user will get to at a later time. Users can easily set up activity stream filters that direct incoming messages to various folders (or are deleted from) based on different criteria that they can specify. For example, emails to distribution lists, feed and notifications that are not directly addressed to the user can be archived in folders that can be read when convenient.

“Graymail” filtering prevents user’s Inbox from being cluttered by legitimate but unwanted emails.

Dedicated Search Tab

A dedicated search tab is created whenever a user enters a new query in the header search box. This allows users to perform a search, navigate away from the search tab to perform another action such as compose an email, or schedule an event and then come back to the search tab to continue with the query.

Zimbra 8 provides users with a simple yet powerful search interface allowing users to perform simple actions such as quickly filter on common attributes or perform complex search queries making use of complex logical operators.

Enterprise Calendaring

Zimbra 8 provides an intuitive and sophisticated enterprise calendaring system that enables users to manage multiple calendars and provides support for advanced scheduling activities.

  • experience improvements to time and resource suggestions. zimbra 8 has significantly improved the user’s experience when working with the appointment scheduling feature. once users select attendees, zimbra 8 can compare calendar availability and provide users with a list of suggested meeting times. similarly, based on meeting requirements such as the size of the room and location, zimbra’s scheduler can provide users with a list of conference facilities that fit meeting requirements.
  • merge and split views of “day” view gives users the flexibility to view their different calendars (e.g. personal and work-related) either individually or overlaid on top of each other. (in other words, see a “merged” view of appointments from several different calendars in one calendar.)
  • landscape and date range printing provides users greater control over how calendars are printed.
  • wizard to add external calendars when users right-click to create new calendars. zimbra 8 supports importing several popular calendar formats including google and yahoo! calendars.

Zimbra Mobile for ActiveSync 12.1 devices

Zimbra offers server side implementation of Microsoft’s ActiveSync 12.1 protocol providing end users access to their Zimbra mail on any mobile device that supports ActiveSync 12.1.

  • Auto-discover support enables seamless linkage between the user’s account on the Zimbra server and the email client on the mobile device when valid credentials (email and password) are supplied from the device.
  • Bandwidth Reduction Since most mobile devices are often on high latency, low bandwidth (reduced connectivity) networks, Zimbra’s ActiveSync implementation has been designed to operate at a reduced bandwidth.
  • Battery Optimization ActiveSync protocol implementation has been optimized to conserve battery life for push enabled devices.
  • Persona/Alias support ActiveSync implementation provides push synchronization of email, contacts, calendars, tasks as well as the Persona/ Alias profile configurations associated with the user’s email address.

Changes to Zimbra Collaboration Suite (ZCS) 8.0

  • Zimbra Instant Messaging (IM) capabilities was removed in ZCS 8.0.

Zimbra Web Client UI Changes

  • The default value to view the Mail tab content is Reading Pane on the right.
  • Get Mail button is removed and refresh is now on the right end of the feature bar.
  • The Print option is under the Actions menu.
  • For advanced searches, click the magnifying glass in the Search field.
  • People Search field was removed.
  • Show selection checkbox for selecting email, contract, voicemail items in a list view is now disabled by default.


Most if not all of the commonly used Zimlets will still be available as well as the custom WIU Zimlets such as Bulletin Board access and password expiration notifications. Some of the less commonly used Zimlets, though, may not be supported in Zimbra 8.  If you find a Zimlet missing after the upgrade that you regularly used, please let us know.

Tested Zimlets in Version 8
  • WIU BB
  • Password Expiry Check
  • Appointment Summary
  • Attachment Alert
  • Calendar Scheduler
  • Colored Emails
  • Contact Collector
  • DragNDrop
  • Email Quotes
  • Email Templates
  • Google Maps
  • LinkedIn
  • Package Tracking
  • Search Refiner
  • Social
  • Search Highlighter
  • Undo Send
  • Wikipedia
  • Yahoo Emoticons
Removed Zimlets in Version 8
  • Amazon
  • Attach Contacts
  • Attach Email
  • Birthday Reminder
  • Blog
  • DimDim
  • Discover
  • Flight Explorer
  • Google Docs
  • Google Translate
  • Groupon
  • Local
  • Skin Changer
  • Skin Previewer
  • SMS
  • Sticky Notes
  • Travel Agent
  • XMailer
  • Yahoo Currency
  • Yahoo Finance
  • Yahoo Flickr

General Enhancements by Bug Number

Bug numbers refer to the bugs and feature requests in Zimbra's Bugzilla issue tracking system.

Enhancements in 8.0.7 by Bug Number

71567 When a delegated user deletes a folder, a warning is given that this action will also delete the owner's copy.

86190 Integrated latest version of the touch client.

Enhancements in 8.0.6 by Bug Number

56494 Option available when sending a meeting invite to receive an email if the invite is forwarded to people not on the invitee list.

60415 ZCO now compatible with Kaspersky Anti-Virus software.

75773 Zimbra user interface supports Safari 6 and Mac OS Lion 10.7.5.

Enhancements in 8.0.5 by Bug Number

72683 The search feature has been enhanced for better performance.

77256 Support for Outlook 2013 using Zimbra Mobile Sync.

78322 Support for Windows 8 Mail using Zimbra Mobile Sync.

Enhancements in 8.0.3 by Bug Number

13032 Users can paste images, tables and spreadsheets into the message body of an email using Firefox/Safari/IE browsers.

79317 ZCO now works with Outlook 2013. If Outlook is upgraded from prior versions to 2013 it is necessary to reinstall ZCO. Support for Outlook 2013 is considered beta due to a known issue with search (bug 80270).

78358 Beginning with 8.0, Zimbra Web Client no longer works in an iframe. To continue to work with iframe, see Setting iframes on page 40.

Enhancements in 8.0 by Bug Number

1108 ZWC. Users can now sort from any column in the Content pane.

1810 ZWC. Up to 63 tags can be created.

5935 In conversation view, by default messages are now grouped by reference instead of by subject. When a message is replied to, it is added to a conversation thread if the reference in the header matches. If there is no reference ID in the header, the conversation is grouped by subject.

58041 Per folder message retention policy can be set. Users can rightclick on a folder and in the Folder Properties dialog box set their retention policy. The administrator can set new retention policies from the administration console. Users can select the retention policy or create their own.

27211 ZWC. Calendars can be nested.

27575 ZWC. Users can enable the preference to include shared items when they do a search query. (Preferences>General, Searches section)

39402 ZWC. Ability to access and mount external calendars via CalDAV.

46222 ZWC. Conversation view has been updated. Viewing from the reading pane, changes include
• Inline Reply to individual messages in the conversation.
• Selecting a conversation shows all messages in the conversation.
• Forwarding a conversation, send the individual messages as attachments to the forwarded message.
• Action footer per message.
• Draft messages are saved as part of the conversation. Draft messages display with a dotted line around them.

46359 Contact Groups sync via CardDav.

47673 Users can now use the Find Shares folder to find all items that can be shared with them. Previously a users could find only items that were shared with them by distribution lists or from specific users.

53985 Searching for a contact now supports prefix matching for any terms in a multi-phrase query. For example, searching for Jon Smith will show results for Jonathan Smith as well.

56494 When an invitation is forwarded by an invitee, the originator receives a notification.

61425 In the standard client, new calendar printing options were added.

61667 When an item is shared, the information is automatically published. Manual publishing of shared items is no longer required.

11124 Shared items can be tagged and the tags displays in the shared users’ lists as well.

67094 Users can set their account preferences to delegate authority to another user to send messages as if came from them (Send As) or send messages on behalf of the user. When a delegated user composes a message for the user, they select the user’s name in the From address drop-down menu.

35967 In the advanced client, added printing options to Calendar.

36481 ZCO. In calendar invites, the delegated user can accept or decline invitations for Calendars they manage.

Supported Operating Systems and Browsers

Zimbra Web Client (Advanced)

  • Windows XP with required updates, Vista, Windows 7, or Windows 8 with one of the following
    • IE 8.x for XP
    • IE 9.x and higher for Vista/Windows 7
    • IE 10 for Windows 8
    • Firefox (latest stable version)
    • Safari (latest stable version)
    • Chrome (latest stable version)
  • Mac OS X 10.5, 10.6, 10.7, or 10.8 with one of the following:
    • Firefox (latest stable version)
    • Safari (latest stable version)
    • Chrome (latest stable version)
  • Linux (Red Hat, Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, SUSE)
    • Firefox (latest stable version)
    • Chrome (latest stable version)