University Planning

University Planning

University Planning provides planning/policy coordination and accountability reporting for the University's Strategic Plan (Higher Values in Higher Education) and Campus Master Plans.

Higher Values in Higher Education

The University's Strategic Plan was implemented in academic year 2004-2005. It was updated in academic year 2007-2008 and again in 2011-2012. Each edition of the strategic plan contains the vision, mission, values, goals, and priorities for becoming the leader in educational quality, opportunity, and affordability among our peers.

The University is committed to comprehensive accountability reporting structures for its strategic planning process. Each spring, the vice presidents and areas that report to the president make annual presentations on strategic plan priorities, accomplishments, and budget requests.

Annual Strategic Plan Updates summarize this information; and this information is also used in Performance Reports and the Performance Dashboard to compare institutional performance and efficiency to peer institutions. Monthly Strategic Plan Updates summarize the current status of Higher Values in Higher Education initiatives.


Western Illinois University is fully accredited by the Higher Learning Commission. The University was first accredited in 1913 and accreditation has been continuous since that time. The University is currently preparing for its next on-site visit by a Commission Team on February 14-16, 2011. Additional details are available on the Accreditation website.

Campus Master Plans

Campus Master Plans summarize the future physical development of the Macomb and Quad Cities campus facilities, grounds, technology, and infrastructure. The Master Plan website includes the 20-year vision for our campuses and annual updates on our progress.