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Western Illinois University
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Updated December 2013

Macomb Campus Freshmen Retention

Macomb Campus Six-Year Graduation Rate

For the Macomb campus, six-year graduation rates were reported as the national reporting standard (i.e., 150% of the normal time-to-degree) for institutions that admit new freshmen.


Quad Cities Four-Year Graduation Rates

For the Quad Cities campus, four-year graduation are reported. Since the Quad Cities admits undergraduates as juniors, four years is the 150% measure of the normal time-to-degree.



First-Year Retention Rate and Graduation Rates


  WIU Low Average High
Illinois Public University Subset        
First-Year Retention 72% 71% 76% 84%
Six-Year Graduation Rate 54% 52% 57% 71%
All Illinois Public Universities        
First-Year Retention 72% 58% 74% 94%
Six-Year Graduation Rate 54% 21% 52% 84%

 The Illinois Public University Subset includes Eastern Illinois University, Illinois State University, Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville, University of Illinois-Springfield, and Western Illinois University.

The 12 public Illinois Universities are Chicago State University, Eastern Illinois University, Governors State University, Illinois State University, Northeastern Illinois University, Northern Illinois University, Southern Illinois University (Edwardsville and Carbondale), the University of Illinois (Chicago, Springfield, and Urbana/Champaign), and Western Illinois University. * Governors State University did not report data.

First-Year Freshmen
Retention Rate
2011 Cohort

James Madison 91%
Appalachian State 87%
North Carolina-Wilmington 86%
California State-Chico 85%
Western Washington 85%
College of Charleston 83%
Northern Iowa 82%
Montclair State 82%
Eastern Illinois 79%
Wisconsin-Whitewater 79%
Central Washington 76%
Missouri State 75%
Sam Houston State
Western Kentucky 73%
Western Illinois 72%
SIU-Edwardsville 71%

Graduation Rate
Macomb Benchmarks
2006 Cohort

James Madison 80%
College of Charleston 69%
North Carolina-Wilmington 68%
Western Washington 67%
Appalachian State 67%
Northern Iowa 66%
Montclair State 63%
Eastern Illinois 60%
California State-Chico
Western Illinois 54%
Central Washington 53%
Wisconsin-Whitewater 58%
Missouri State 55%
SIU-Edwardsville 60%
Sam Houston State 50%
Western Kentucky 49%

Graduation Rate
Quad Cities Benchmarks
2008 Cohort

Augustana 78%
Western Illinois -Quad Cities 69%
Saint Ambrose 63%
Illinois-Springfield 47%
Texas A&M-International 39%
Pennsylvannia State-Harrisburg NA
Governors State NA




National Survey of Student Engagment Freshmen Benchmark Comparison


Western compares its performance to the mean of all other regional comprehensive universities participating in the survey.

The National Survey of Student Engagement measures student performance on:

  • Academic challenge or the degree to which students perceive the importance of academic effort and setting high performance standards.
  • Academic and collaborative learning or measures of how intensely students were involved in their educational process and whether they applied what they have learned to different settings.
  • Student-faculty interactions or the degree to which students interacted with faculty inside and outside the classroom.
  • Opportunities for enriching educational experiences or the degree to which students engaged in curricular and co-curricular activities beyond classroom instruction. It also measures the extent to which students report exposure to different ideals and cultures other than their own.
  • Supportive environment or a measure of diversity, engagement, and inclusiveness.

Values at or above 100% in the table below (the University's goal) show that reported student satisfaction is higher at Western than peer institutions.

Western has moved to a multiyear administration given the stability of responses over time.


National Survey of Student Engagment Seniors Benchmark Comparison



Number of Course Sections, Percent of Classes Less Than 30,
and Student-Faculty Ratios

Fiscal Years 2010 to 2013

  2010 2011 2012 2013

Macomb Campus

Number of Sections 4,974 4,993 4,977 4,845
Percent of Classes Less Than 30 81.6% 82.6% 82.7% 82.6%
Student-to-Faculty Ratio 16:1 16:1 16:1 15:1

Quad Cities Campus

Number of Sections 588 554 529 557
Percent of Classes Less Than 30 94.9% 96.6% 97.7% 96.4%
Student-to-Faculty Ratio 11:1 12:1 12:1 12:1

 *Governors State University did not report data

Student-to-Faculty Ratios 

Fall 2012

  WIU Low Average High
Illinois Public University Subset 15:1 12:1 16:1 19:1
All Illinois Public Universities 15:1 12:1 16:1 19:1


Macomb Benchmarks

Fall 2012

Eastern Illinois 15:1
Western Illinois 15:1
James Madison 16:1
College of Charleston 16:1
North Carolina-Wilmington 16:1
Northern Iowa 16:1
Appalachian State 16:1
Montclair State 17:1
SIU-Edwardsville 18:1
Central Washington 18:1
Western Kentucky 19:1
Missouri State 20:1
Western Washington 21:1
Sam Houston State 23:1
Wisconsin-Whitewater 23:1
California State-Chico 25:1

Quad Cities Benchmarks

Fall 2012

Saint Ambrose 11:1
Western Illinois-Quad Cities 12:1
Augustana 12:1
Illinois-Springfield 12:1
Houston-Clear Lake 16:1
University of Baltimore 19:1
Texas A&M-International 22:1
Pennsylvannia State-Harrisburg NA
Texas A&M-Texarkana NA
Governors State NA



Percent of Alumni Donations

Fall 2012

  WIU Low Average High
Illinois Public Universities Subset 6% 5% 6% 7%
All Illinois Public Universities 6% 2% 6% 10%

 *Governors State University and Chicago State University did not report data.

Benchmark of Alumni Donations

Fall 2011

Augustana 27%
Western Kentucky 11%
Wisconsin-Whitewater 11%
Northern Iowa 10%
Appalachian State
Texas A&M-International 8%
Sam Houston State 8%
St. Ambrose 8%
Missouri State 8%
College of Charleston 7%
James Madison 7%
Western Illinois University 6%
Illinois-Springfield 6%
Eastern Illinois 6%
North Carolina-Wilmington 6%
California State-Chico 6%
Montclair State 5%
SIU-Edwardsville 5%
Western Washington 5%
Central Washington 2%