University Planning

Long Term Planning Team Members

Joe Rives, Vice President, Quad Cities and Planning/Chair

Brad Bainter, Vice President, Advancement and Public Services

John Biernbaum, Associate Vice President, Student Services

Gary Biller, Vice President, Student Services

Andy Borst, Director, Undergraduate Admissions

Pam Bowman, Director, Human Resources

Felix Chu, Associate Dean, University Libraries

Kathleen Clauson, Library Operations Associate/Civil Service Employees Council Representative

Billy Clow, Dean, College of Fine Arts and Communication

Scott Coker, Director, Facilities Management

Julie DeWees, Vice President, Administrative Services

Tom Erekson, Dean, College of Business and Technology)

Everett Hamner, Assistant Professor, English and Journalism

Jeff Hancks, Associate Professor, University Libraries

Teri Hare, Director University Scholarship Activities/Council of Administrative Personnel Representative

Ken Hawkinson, Provost and Academic Vice President

Robert Hironimus-Wendt, Associate Professor, Sociology and Anthropology

Fred Isele, Associate Professor, Curriculum and Instruction

Gregg Jorgensen, Assistant Professor, Curriculum and Instruction

Kerry Lemaster, Business Administrative Associate, President’s Office

Brian Locke, Associate Professor, Music/Chair, Graduate Council

Chuck Lydeard, Chairperson, Biological Sciences

Sue Martinelli Fernandez, Dean, College of Arts and Sciences

Don McLean, Professor, Recreation, Park and Tourism Administration

Kristi Mindrup, Assistant Vice President, Quad Cities and Planning

Mark Mossman, Chairperson, English and Journalism

Padmaja Pillutla , Associate Professor, Accountancy and Finance/Chair, Quad Cities Faculty Council

Steve Rock, Professor, Economics and Decision Sciences/Chair, Faculty Senate

Mike Rodrigues, Chief Technology Security Officer/Director

Bill Rupert, Deputy Director, Human Resources/President, Civil Service Employees Council

Sterling Saddler, Dean, College of Education and Human Services

Phyllis Self, Dean, University Libraries

Rayvon Shelton, Journalism Major/Vice President Macomb Student Government Association

Bill Thompson, Associate Professor, University Libraries

Tammy Werner, Assistant Professor, Sociology and Anthropology