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Revised Drafts of the University Self Study: Criterion 1 Now Available

In 2011, the Higher Learning Commission re-affirmed Western Illinois University's accreditation through academic year 2020-2021. The University was first accredited in 1913, and accreditation has been continuous since that time. The University's Self Study Report and the complete Higher Learning Commission Team Report are available for your review. Western also maintains discipline-specific accreditations as appropriate to the discipline and for the University-wide Teacher Education program.

Western Illinois University began preparing for the April 2021 reaffirmation of accreditation visit in Academic Year 2018-2019. The Social Responsibility Task Force produced rough drafts that were shared with the University community through Monthly Strategic Plan Updates. During Academic Year 2019-2020, the Social Responsibility Task Force has been working on revised drafts, again using Monthly Strategic Plan Updates as a means to obtain university feedback. As revised drafts of the criteria for accreditation and federal compliance standards are finalized, they will be posted under the tabs on this website. The Federal Compliance Section is now available.

Criterion 1 Now Available

Criterion 1 Draft PDF Link will open in new window

Criterion 2

Final draft to be uploaded soon.

Criterion 3

Final draft to be uploaded soon.

Criterion 4

Final draft to be uploaded soon.

Criterion 5

Final draft to be uploaded soon.

Federal Compliance

Federal Compliance Draft