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As part of the application process for the HLC Academy of Persistence and Completion, Western Illinois Univeristy formed the following research questions:

  1. What are the empirical reasons for lower retention and graduation rates and have programmatic changes in the First Year Experience helped reverse these trends?
  2. How effective is the Linkages program and are there different results based on categorization of students and community of college partners?
    • Since writing we have learned that Quad Cities students is a better measure. Linkages is a subset of the student population.
  3. What are empirical reasons for off-campus or distance learning student attrition and how do retention and graduation rates for off-campus students compare to retention and graduation rates of on-campus students?
    • We need to be mindful of the three types of off-campus students: (1) Students at approved locations; (2) Students taking on-line and on-campus courses; and (3) Students taking on-line courses only.

Four teams have been developed to address these questions: