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Memorial Hall Renovation

Memorial Hall Renovation FactsPicture of outside of Memorial Hall

The State of Illinois Capital Development Board (CDB) and the Governor's Offices of Management and Budget (GOMB) exclusively control the pace at which all state funded capital projects are funded, designed, and constructed.

The CDB strictly regulates what may and may not be included in a capital project. These stringent State rules restrict or prohibit expenditures on temporary relocation costs, furnishings, equipment and some forms of communication wiring.

Capital projects typically do not experience delays by the CDB or GOMB once funding is appropriated by the State General Assembly. Because of poor economic conditions beginning in fall 2001, the Memorial Hall project has experienced several minor delays and one major project stoppage of 12 months.

Most building renovation projects only involve one or two academic departments who temporarily relocate and return to a completely renovated facility. The Memorial Hall renovation is complicated by its impact on 15 diverse user groups representing academic departments and service departments. Some of these departments will be permanently relocated out of Memorial, some will be being relocated to Memorial for the first time, and some will remain in Memorial during construction. In terms of scheduling logistics and project planning, the Memorial Hall renovation would be rated the most difficult of all construction projects.

As one the Governor's chosen Economic Development Initiatives, the Memorial Hall renovation is one of only a few fully funded capital projects granted to a State University since January, 2002.

Questions concerning the renovation project may be directed to:

Michael Hott, Architectural Superintendent
Telephone: 309-298-1834, ext 249

Scott Coker, Assistant Director of Facilities Management
Telephone: 309-298-1834, ext 277






September 2010 Update

The final phase of the Memorial Hall project provides: remodeling of the interior, installation of new elevator core onto the south façade of the building, and updated mechanical, electrical, plumbing systems. The building will also have a fire protection system, which provides a sprinkler in each space.

Note #1: To access University Television on the fourth floor, please enter the single door entry on the north side of Memorial adjacent to the satellite dishes at Sallee.

The contractors made some positive progress, but the project did not attain Substantial Completion.  During July, this significant construction mark was revised to August 27, 2010.  It currently appears this could take approximately two more weeks for contractors to complete their remaining, crucial & necessary remodeling construction activity and meet ALL Substantial Completion requirements.
The project is approaching the REVISED Final Completion date of October 08, 2010. However, other unfortunate circumstances could surface and cause an additional delay for WIU returning departments to occupy Memorial Hall.  As mentioned to the leadership of these departments during a May 7, 2010 meeting, Illinois’ State Fire Marshall needs to inspect, approve & issue an occupancy notice on both new elevators.  The date of this inspection is being scheduled by C. Rallo Contracting & their elevator installing sub-contractor, but the actual inspection date has not been provided yet.
As mentioned in last month’s update, WIU was receiving assistance of the Capital Development Board and the Architectural/Engineering firm.  Their due diligence remains necessary & crucial, so WIU’s returning departments can commence occupancy of Memorial Hall as currently scheduled.
Current Project Activities
  • Mechanical contractors activities include:
    • Installation of Heating/Ventilation/Air Conditioning/Cooling (i.e.: HVAC), Electrical, Plumbing & Fire Protection systems:
      • Lighting fixtures
      • Technology wiring in all rooms for computer & telephone terminals
      • Fire alarm components & Fire Protection systems
      • Water service infrastructure
      • Mechanical modulating systems with controls & metering capabilities
      • Plumbing piping, valves, meters & fixtures
      • Heating & Cooling equipment & support components – Absorption Chiller & Cooling Tower improvements, Piping insulation, etc.
      • Air Handler with air displacement control system & support components
      • Ventilating ductwork & insulating material
      • Technology software to provide remote/distant review & calibration of mechanical systems
      • Mechanical components at South (main) entry vestibule & canopy
  • General contractor activities include:
    • Placement of architectural finishing material
      • Door hardware minor adjustments
      • Glazing of doors & interior window-wall frames
      • Casework placement
      • Installation of flooring material & necessary system items
      • Remaining painting, including but not limited to, application of finish coats on corridor walls & door frames
    • North & South entrance components
      • Aluminum door frames, doors & hardware
      • Drywall ceiling placement at vestibules
      • Slate & granite minor modifications around North entry door frame
      • Plaster ceiling placement at South (main) entry exterior canopy
    Future Project Activities
    • Initial Start-up & Facilities Management personnel training of new HVAC, Electrical, Pluming & Fire Protection systems
    • Continuation of HVAC control/modulating systems by sub-contractors
    • Placement of remaining components of Electrical, Plumbing, HVAC & Fire Protection systems
    • Completion of cooling tower support components
    • Re-activating the absorption chiller
    • Completion of minor remaining items of North & South entries
    • Continuation of architectural finishing material
    • Scheduling & completion of elevators by State Fire Marshall for approval of occupancy
    • Maintaining placement of ceiling tile, vinyl floor tile, carpet & paint
    • Commencement of placing aluminum nosing material on interior South (main) stairs
    • Installation of rubber treads on interior North stairs & landings
    • Another project's contractor commencing placement of new concrete sidewalks on South portion of job-site

    Note #2: It is cautioned that it is the State, (CDB) and not the Physical Plant which controls the progress of Capital projects in Illinois. The Facilities Management does not anticipate further project delays in the schedule and is only providing its best estimate of project schedule in all updates provided.

    Friendly Reminder: REVISED Final Completion date is October 08, 2010, currently.


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