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Campus Surveys - Academic Year 2008-2009


Grad School Visit Survey
In a new initiative, Western's Graduate School is seeking input from prospective graduate students who come to tour campus. Following their visit they are invited to respond to an online survey to help assess their visit and likelihood of choosing WIU for their graduate studies. By the end of June 2009, 11 prospective graduate students had completed the survey. (Contact the Admissions Office, at for more information.)

  • 70% of the prospective graduate students rated their meeting with a Graduate Admissions staff member as Very Good to Excellent, while 30% rated it as Fair to Average. In addition, 90% of the students rated the effectiveness of staff in answering their questions as Very Good to Excellent, while just 10% rated it as Fair to Average
  • When the prospective graduate students met with the departmental advisor of the graduate program they were interested in, 100% rated both the informativeness of the advisor, and the advisor's effectiveness in answering their questions as Very Good to Excellent.
  • 91% of the prospective graduate students said that their campus tour guide was knowledgeable about Western and able to answer their questions; and while 91% felt the length of the campus tour was satisfactory, 9% did disagree with this assertion. Similarly, 91% said the campus tour included all of the areas they were interested in, while 9% did not agree, with 91% saying that the facilities and appearance of campus met their expectations
  • Of the visiting prospective graduate students, only 18% had already been accepted by Western's Graduate School, and they were split 50:50 on whether their visit reinforced their decision to attend WIU.
  • All 100% of the visiting prospective graduate students who had not yet been accepted to WIU said that based on their campus visit they were very interested in attending Western.

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