University Surveys

Faculty Survey of Student Engagement (FSSE, "Fessie")

About FSSE

A companion to the NSSE, the FSSE measures how engaged faculty think their students are in the academic and personal development. A key factor are where there are "gaps" between what faculty perceive and what students report, providing an opportunity for improvement to narrow the gap.

The FSSE is designed to evaluate how faculty members perceive the level of effective student engagement, both in terms of faculty expectations and faculty perceived realities. When compared with NSSE data collected from student, it enables a college to look at discrepancies between how involved faculty think students are in effective student engagement practices and how involved students report themselves as being. Where discrepancies exist that are important to mission of the institution, strategies can be developed to help address concerns.

In addition, the FSSE asks faculty to self-report the time they spend on teaching, research/creative, and service activities, as well as the format/teaching style of their typical undergraduate class. The FSSE also asks faculty about the extent to which their students are prepared to contribute to society, and the willingness of faculty to adapt their teaching efforts to meet the learning styles of today's undergraduate students.

Western's History with FSSE

Western began using the FSSE in spring 2007, as a companion to NSSE which has been in used since spring 2005 and the BCSSE which has been in use since summer 2005. The goal of using the full complement of the family of SSE instruments it to measure the level of effective student engagement and use the results to enhance opportunities for student success at Western.

Western's FSSE Results