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Western Online Status Update

[Posted March 5, 2013 - 8:28 a.m.]

Desire2Learn has reported that the issue affecting  uploading, exporting to gradebook, etc has been resolved.

Updates From Desire2Learn   

March 5, 2013 

8:00am ET Update 

  • This issue is now resolved.
  • The D2L NOC is monitoring the infrastructure closely.
  • SaaS Operations is continuing to investigate the issue with the vendor to determine the root cause.
  • If you experience any further issues, please contact the helpdesk.  

March 4, 2013 

9:00pm ET Update 

  • All web server reboots are now complete. Some additional verification activities will continue for approximately another hour.
  • The D2L NOC will be monitoring closely.
  • If you experience any further issues, please contact the helpdesk.
  • Our next update is planned for tomorrow morning at 8:00am ET, or sooner if there is anything relevant to report. 

7:40pm ET Update 

  • At this time 70% of the web servers have been rebooted, and we expect that we will be complete in 1 hour. This additional time was required for validation and testing of the servers as each one came back online.
  • We will update you again in an hour, or when our reboot activities are complete. 

5:25pm ET Update 

  • We continue with carrying out our planned activities.
  • We will update you again in 2 hours, or sooner if we have anything relevant to report.

4:20pm ET Update

  • We continue to carry out our plans as outlined below, and are seeing positive results on web servers that have been brought back online.
  • We will update you in an hour, or sooner if we have anything relevant to report. 

3:20pm ET Update

  • The problem has been identified as relating to directory services/authentication within the D2L environment.
  • The corrective action to resolve the issue is to reboot the web servers, which we are carrying out right now. Our focus is to carry out this corrective action without impacting existing customer sessions.
  • We estimate this activity to be complete within 4 hours for all clients, but during this time your users may still continue to intermittently experience ‘500 errors’ and the inability to upload files. We have prioritized the web server reboots based upon the volume of errors seen within the specific web environment.
  • We will continue to update you on the progress of our service restoration activities, and will continue to provide hourly updates 

2:20pm ET Update:  

  • SaaS Operations believes they have identified the root cause of the issue and are confirming their findings. 
  • Some clients have reported performance improvements already, and the technical teams are continuing to work on this issue. 
  • We will update you in an hour, or sooner if there is anything relevant to report. 

1:10pm ET Update: 

  • SaaS Operations are continuing to troubleshoot and work on the issue, and have engaged required internal teams and vendors. 
  • We will updated you in an hour, or sooner if there is anything relevant to report. 

12:20pm ET Update: 

  • SaaS Operations are currently investigating the issue. 

[Posted February 8, 2013 - 7:55 a.m.]

Desire2Learn, the vendor of our Western Online course management system, has provided a letter detailing the problems experienced by faculty and students last week.

Additionally, the President and CEO of Desire2Learn, John Baker has also provided a less-technical posting about last weeks downtime.

We appreciate your continued patience.

[Posted: January 31, 2013 - 1:00 p.m.]

Several events have recently taken place that have had a negative impact on the use of the Western Online course management system by both students and faculty. Issues with login, uploading/downloading of course materials and assignments, and grade book issues have been reported.

Western Illinois University pays to have a company host and maintain the Western Online system. We immediately notify the vendor when issues arise and the recent problems are also affecting other universities that employ this vendor.

Plans are currently underway to help keep you better informed of the issues as they arise in the future and, more importantly, when they are resolved. Your patience and understanding during this critical time is greatly appreciated. Recent problems are not the result of any actions by the faculty. Be assured that the faculty and staff of WIU strive to offer the best online experience possible.

- Office of the Provost