University Technology

WIU is Migrating to New Anti-virus Software

Over the summer, uTech has been migrating faculty and staff computers from Symantec Endpoint Protection (Symantec) to Microsoft's System Center Endpoint Protection (SCEP) for virus prevention, detection and removal.

Why is WIU switching anti-virus software?

  • The client that runs on individual workstations is more efficient and impacts performance less than Symantec.
  • The expense of maintaining separate anti-virus software will be eliminated because SCEP licensing is included in our campus agreement with Microsoft.
  • Management of the software is more integrated into our existing tools.

Protect Your Computer!

WIU's license of Symantec has ended. Every WIU computer (Mac and PC, desktop and laptop) will need to be updated to SCEP. Failing to be updated to the new anti-virus software will expose your computer and university data to unnecessary and preventable threats.

Please check your computer to ensure that you are running the new anti-virus software, SCEP. Dual-boot computers will need to make the switch on both operating systems, so please check both Windows and OS X if your computer has both.

How Can I Tell if I am Protected?

Stop! Look! Check now! Look for a green SCEP icon on your computer. If you do not see a green icon, your computer needs to be updated! Contact the uTech Support Center at (309) 298-2704 and request that your anti-virus be updated to SCEP.

Using Windows?

Look in your notification area/system tray in the lower right corner. 

Using Mac?

Look in your meun bar.