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The Administration Alliance of IT Governance

Administration Alliance

The Administration Alliance (indicated in green on the accompanying diagram) evaluates IT-related ideas submitted by the WIU community that impact the business operations of the University. This is a working group that considers ideas and develops formal proposals that it submits to the IT Governance Council. The alliance may work directly with individuals who submitted ideas to formalize these proposals, IT technical resources in University Technology, AIMS, and ESS, and it may also need to reach out to vendors during this process.  While some of its work is conducted outside of meetings, the University community is invited to attend when the group meets as an alliance. It also keeps the University community informed of its work and decisions by recording and publishing notes and minutes. One of its co-chairs also serves as a member of the Executive Committee.



  • Joseph Roselieb, Residential Facilities/University Housing and Dining Services, VP  Student Services, (until  Fall 2019)
  • Angela Bonifas, Institutional Research & Planning, representing Office of the President, (term ends Fall 2018)


  • Christopher Sutton,  Geography, Faculty appointee, (until Fall 2019)
  • Lisa Hinman, VP Administrative Services appointee, (until  Fall 2017)
  • Hoyet Hemphill, Instructional Design and Technology, VP Provost/Academic Affairs appointee, (until Fall 2018)
  • Meredith Hancks, Foundation and Development Office, VP Advancement and Public Service appointee, (until Fall 2019)
  • Victoria Baramidze, Mathematics, CIT appointee ( until Fall 2019)
  • SGA Undergraduate Student  (TBA)
  • SGA Graduate Student representative  (TBA)


Technologists from various areas support the alliance in an advisory capacity.  These include but are not limited to the following.

  • AIMS
  • User Coordinators (11) and Directors
  • Infrastructure support staff
  • Etc.


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Alliance Meeting Information

The University community is invited to attend all IT Governance meetings. You can also view the Alliance's minutes and notes by clicking on the link provided below.

Currently Being Considered By the Alliance