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IT Governance Council

IT Governance Council

At the start of the Spring 2014 semester, the IT Governance Council became the top level IT Governance body at Western Illinois University.  The Council (indicated in green in the accompanying schematic) receives proposals from its three working groups (called Alliances) via the Executive Committee.  The Council will determine which proposals should move forward. After prioritizing them, the Council gives the proposals to the Owner of the IT governance process (governance is established to aid this individual in IT decision making). The Owner is responsible for information technology at the University and for implementing anything that s/he accepts.

At their meeting in November 2013, the President's Leadership Team decided that they, along with the CIO, the Budget Director and Univerity's legal counsel, will comprise the IT Governance Council membership and the President will be the Owner of the IT Governance process. The President's Leadership Team traditionally has made all major IT funding decisions for the University; and therefore, they felt that they have been performing the Council's role in the past.

Membership of the IT Governance Council


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Council Meeting Information

The University community is invited to attend IT Governance meetings.  Each committee also publishes their minutes for those unable to attend.

Currently Being Considered By The Council