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IT Governance Executive Committee

Executive Committee

The IT Governance Executive Committee (indicated in green on the accompanying schematic) is a coordinating body that schematically sits between the Council (the decision making body) and the Alliances (working groups). It serves as a single point of contact for the University community to submit proposals and screens proposals to ensure that the required information is codified.  It does not make decisions regarding any proposal and serves to channel proposals to the appropriate Alliance. It also accepts completed proposals from the Alliances; ensures the form(s) are complete; and after receiving input regarding security, support and regulatory/compliance issues, forwards them to the Council for consideration.

The Executive Committee is also charged with creating Alliances as necessary.  It also makes recommendations to the IT Governance Council to improve IT governance processes, including what types of requests do not need to be vetted (i.e., exceptions).

One of the co-chairs from each Alliance, along with an assistant, comprise the Executive Committee. The members of this committee elect a chair.

Executive Committee Membership


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Committee Meeting Information

The University community is invited to attend IT Governance meetings.  Each committee also publishes their minutes for those unable to attend.

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