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IT Governance Oversight Committee

During the 2013 academic year, a subcommittee of the University Technology Advisory Group and others worked on an IT Governance framework that defined IT Governance at Western Illinois University. This committee now provides ongoing oversight to IT Governance, and has become known as the IT Governance Oversight Committee.

Its main charge is to review and improve the IT Governance processes at WIU and to help coordinate activities associated with the IT Governance Council meetings. The CIO serves as one of the two co-chairs along with a faculty or staff member elected by the committee. Membership is open to the entire campus community and includes Alliance co-chairs, representatives of various campus offices and departments, and other interested parties. Any interested faculty, staff or student may attend the committee’s bi-monthly or monthly meetings without invitation. 

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Committee Meeting Information

The University community is invited to attend IT Governance meetings.  Each committee also publishes their minutes for those unable to attend.

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