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IT Governance Reviewers

The Reviewers (indicated in green on the accompanying schematic) each receive copies of formal proposals from the Alliances.  They review the proposals from technical, security, risk, liability, legal, ethical, regulatory, policy, and procedural perspectives. Their comments will become part of the proposals as they moves forward through the IT Governance workflow process.

The reviewers use their staff resources as necessary to assist in evaluating potential risks and issues.  In some cases, existing IT-related committees also assist in the proposal review process.

If the Executive Committee determines that the reviewers have raised significant issues, it will route the proposal back to the Alliance from which it originated and ask them to address the issue(s).  On the other hand, if no significant issues were identified, the Executive Committee forwards the proposal to the IT Governance Council.

IT Governance Proposal Reviewers

  • Dan Romano (Director of University Technology) reviews proposals from an Infrastructure perspective
  • Interim Jeff Cahoun (Director, Technology User Support Services) reviews proposals from an support perspective
  • Robert Emmert (Director of Electronic Student Services) reviews proposals from a student services perspective
  • Michael Sartorius (Internal Audit Manager) reviews proposals from a regulatory and compliance perspective
  • Jeff Calhoun (Director, University Technology QC) reviews proposals from the QC campus perspective
  • Ted Renner (Deputy Director, Facilities Management - Facility Plan & Construction)
  • Andrea Henderson (Director, Equal Opportunity and Access) reviews proposals from EOA/Accessibility perspective
  • Kathy Barret (uTech Admin/ Interim Reviewer Committee Assistant)
  • Digger Oster (Director of Insurance, Risk)
  • Jeremy Merritt (Coordinator of Web Services)
  • Stacie Hunt (Administrative Information Management Systems) reviews proposals from an Enterprise Resource Program perspective
  • Other individuals and/or committees as required


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