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The Technical Alliance of IT Governance

Technical Alliance

The Technical Alliance has two student positions appointed by the student government associations collaboratively. In addition, each of these alliances has a representative from the President’s office (appointed by the President), one member appointed by each of the five vice presidents, up to two faculty members (one CIT member and one at-large member appointed by Faculty Senate), and one member from each of the colleges and one member from the libraries (appointed by deans). The intent is for each of the areas to appoint technically-inclined representatives. As is the case with the other alliances, students may not serve as a co-chair on this alliance. The CIO will appoint up to two uTech directors to serve on the alliance as non-voting members.

COAP and CSEC should be updated periodically on proposals that affect members of their respective council.



  • Chad Hankins, Instructional Technology Systems Manager, CBT appointee


  • Hoang Bui, Computer Science, FS appointee, (ends Fall 2020)
  • Justin Ehrlich, Computer Science
  • Binto George, Computer Sciences, CIT appointee (ends Fall 2018)
  • Eric Ginsberg, Music, COFAC appointee
  • Bridget McCormick, University Housing/Dining Services, VP Student Services appointee
  • Digger Oster, VP Administrative Services appointee
  • Dan Romano, University Technology, CIO appointee (non-voting member)
  • Thomas Rosner, University Technology - Quad Cities appointee
  • Rebecca Slater, University Technology (non-voting member)
  • David Towers, Faculty Assistant, CITR appointee

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Alliance Meeting Information

The University community is invited to attend all IT Governance meetings.  

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