University Technology


Using technology to Western's academic mission, uTech strives to help all members of the WIU community have access to technology based facilitation tools for instruction, research, creativity, and service.

Despite limited resources, we are working to ensure WIU's vision of being a leader in educational quality, opportunity, and affordability. By seeking, evaluating, and coordinating new opportunities, uTech initiatives can help ensure that Western makes the best use of technology possible and demonstrate accountability to our students, faculty, and staff.

The 3 priorities for uTech Initiatives are to:

  • support technology planning
  • support technology initiatives and
  • support technology assessment/evaluation

During the early phases of these projects, uTech initiatives is involved in assessing need, conducting research, and coordinating resources to take these initiatives from concept to reality. Once these initiatives move into the production phase, uTech Initiatives involvement transitions to an evaluation process as other areas of uTech as various campus constituencies take responsibility for the technology implementation.

Ultimately, uTech Initiatives play an important role in helping further Western's goal of preparing socially responsible and diverse students, faculty, and staff to be leaders in our global society.

In Development

Information Technology Strategic Plan 

The Institutional Strategic Plan for Technology at Western Illinois University for the academic years 2006 - 2007 through 2011 – 2012 served to advance technology on the two campuses during the past five years. It has been described as tactical in nature and most, if not all, of the tasks were successfully accomplished. Because it expired at the end of the 2013 academic year, the Board of Trustees (BOT) requested that a new plan be developed. The BOT requested that the finalized document be presented at their October 11, 2013 meeting.

Comments are requested regarding the IT Strategic Plan draft through September 5, 2013. This cutoff date allows time for final editing and approval before the documents are submitted for inclusion with materials that go to the Board of Trustees prior to their October 11 meeting.  For a brief overview of the IT Strategic Plan, download this PDF.

Information Technology Governance

Throughout the spring semester of 2013 and into this summer, a subcommittee of the University Technology Advisory Group (UTAG), along with others, has been working on an IT governance proposal. All segments of the University will be represented in this proposed governance process. While the proposal makes recommendations for membership on each of the IT governance committees (called Alliances), senior administration will determine who serves on the Council (the decision making IT governance group to which Alliances submit their proposals).

Comments are requested regarding the IT Governance proposal through September 5, 2013. This cutoff date allows time for final editing and approval before the documents are submitted for inclusion with materials that go to the Board of Trustees prior to their October 11 meeting. For a brief overview of the IT Governance Proposal, download this PDF.

Digital Signage

The potential for using digital signage widely across campus is being investigated. In concept, this would provide an opportunity to not only broadcast information of interest, but also serve as a means for providing rapid notification of emergency issues on campus. While there are several different digital signs in place, such as outside the University Union and outside Western Hall, these are not integrated and thus provide a purpose limited only to events in those areas. The concept of a campuswide digital signage effort will allow complete integration, e.g., for campuswide announcements, yet also provide independent usage, e.g., for promotion of events or activities located near signage locations.

Security Camera Policy

As security cameras become an increasingly important aspect of protecting individuals, property, and data, uTech Initiatives is coordinating the effort to ensure that Western's security camera policy keeps pace with the growing demand. This is critical to ensure that not only are individual rights being protected but that when law enforcement officials need access to recorded events, it can be accomplished while maintaining the integrity of the data.  In this effort uTech Initiatives is working with many areas across campus in preparing the revised policy documentation that will be presented for official implementation.

Change Management Process

Designed to alert affected areas & use a controlled implementation of all changes made to any uTech device or application within the WIU production environment. The academic and administrative requirements of the University demand highly available and functional technology services. The uTech Change Management Process exists to ensure that uTech can provide a high level of availability and integrity in the delivery of technology services. Requests for Change are reviewed in weekly Change Advisory Board meetings.

Completed Initiatives

  • Digital Commons Computer Lab Redesign Spring 2012 debut 
  • VoIP with Memorial Hall Spring 2011 recopening and in Residence Halls
  • myWIU Campus Portal with single-signon
  • Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) - Quad Cities Campus