University Technology

WESTEL in Graduate & Family Housing

Upon your request, WESTEL will assign you a long distance authorization code.

When you accept your long distance code, it will be activated within 24 business hours. All campus and Macomb area calls are FREE. The additional $.10 per minute long distance fee is charged to your university account only if your authorization code is used.

A $6.00 per semester charge is applied regardless of usage. To benefit from this automatic charge, connect a telephone for ALL local calls and E911 calls.

You may activate your FREE voice mail or add international access to your line by calling our office at 298-2713 or emailing

All calling features are provided free of charge. Descriptions of the calling features are available in Sherman Hall room 22 (basement) or by accessing

Activating your WESTEL Authorization Code

To activate and receive your WESTEL authorization code you must access STARS from any computer lab on campus or the WIU web page.

To sign on to STARS, you must know your student I.D. number and your STARS password.

  1. At the main menu, select “WESTEL Authorization Screen”. 
  2. Read the information about WESTEL.
  3. Select “yes” or “no” for the service. 
    • Selecting “yes” will allow you to access your authorization code and/or select your additional features. 
    • Selecting “no” will return you to the main menu. 

Your WESTEL authorization code will be your responsibility to secure so no one can gain access to it. Any calls placed with your authorization code, whether they are made by you, your friends, or your roommate, will be billed to your university account.

It is imperative that no one has access to your authorization code. This code can only be canceled by you selecting “no” on STARS, calling the WESTEL office at (309) 298-2713, or stopping by Sherman Hall, Room 22.

To cancel or make room changes, call the WESTEL office at 298-2713 or by Sherman Hall room 22 (basement) or email


Selecting Westel Authorization in STARS..