John Carlson, Ph D.


Career Highlights:

Graduated from Iowa State University, 1974, B. S. in Animal Science and Agricultural Journalism

Field Editor for Wallace’s Farmer magazine, 1974-1976

Awarded M.S. in Animal Breeding, Iowa State University, 1977

Awarded Ph. D. in Animal Breeding, Iowa State University, 1980

Taught in the Western Illinois U.niversity Agriculture Department 1980 – 2012

          Promoted to associate professor in 1984

          Promoted to full professor in 1990

          Taught courses in livestock production from 1980-2003

          Taught international agriculture, agricultural travel courses and agricultural communications from 2003-2012

          International agricultural development work involving over 40 projects in Russia, Mexico, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan    

          Retired 2012, granted Professor Emeritus status

Fulbright Scholar 2012 to Russia

Currently involved in international development assistance to universities and agricultural businesses and development of a textbook on international agriculture


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