Anti-Virus Installer for Students Only

Students must agree to the Anti-Virus policy before downloading or acquiring a CD from Audio Visual.

University Technology has arranged to provide Symantec Anti-Virus software to students who wish to install it on their own personal computer systems. Students should be aware that potential software problems do exist in regard to installing anti-virus software. For example, if a personal computer system already has another type or brand of anti-virus software installed, it may cause software conflicts. If a computer is already infected, this may also potentially create software conflicts.

University Technology provides the Symantec Anti-Virus software as is, with no liability expressed or implied. It may ONLY be installed and used by any currently enrolled WIU student.

Users with high speed network connections

The WIU Symantec Anti-Virus software for PC's may be acquired at the following web page:

You will be prompted for your ECOM username and password in order to download this software. Updates to the anti-virus software can be obtained by clicking on the LiveUpdate button once Symantec AntiVirus has been installed.