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Western Illinois University Trademark Licensing

Official Colors




Web safe (hex)


PMS 2607

81, 100, 0, 7



PMS 116

0, 21, 100, 0


Questions? Please refer to the University’s official Visual Identity Guidelines or contact The Office of University Marketing at (309) 298-1868.

Color Considerations

The following are for ALL screens and embroidery:

  • Official colors are: PMS 2607 (purple) and PMS 116 (yellow).
  • Fashion colors are considered on a case-by-case basis and must be approved in advance of production.
  • In non-logo designs, the full name "Western Illinois University" should be used when possible.
  • Word marks and logos cannot be printed in red or orange.
  • Word marks and logos cannot be used as watermarks.

The following are for multi-color screens and embroidery:

  • Full color athletics logos should only be used on product/fabric colors: white, purple, yellow, gold, gray, black, navy, tan, or denim.