Visual Identity Guidelines

Printing Standards

  • Document and Publication Services (DPS) may identify and address nonconformance with the Visual Identity Guidelines at any point in the preparation, production, or distribution process.
  • When customers present items to DPS that do not meet the standardsoutlined in these guidelines, DPS offers those customers the option of either
    1. having DPS make any necessary changes to the pieces (standard DPS charges apply) or
    2. necessary the required changes themselves and resubmitting those items to DPS.
  • DPS will place the University logos on any printed piece in accordance with these guidelines at no additional charge.


  • Use Adobe Perpetua, the typeface of the University logos, as the primary typeface for headlines and address blocks.
  • Use Garamond as the primary body text typeface in stationery and publications.
  • Use Adobe Trade Gothic as the secondary complementary typeface for headlines and body text to allow for creative flexibility and enhanced readability.


example of official university fonts

University Mailing Addresses

United States Postal Service guidelines require that Western Illinois University mailing addresses include the following information in the order specified:

  1. Name of individual and/or department for whom the mail piece is intended
  2. Building name followed by room number (Macomb campus)
  3. Street address: 1 University Circle or 3300 River Drive 
  4. City, state, and ZIP(+4): Macomb, IL 61455-1390 or Moline, IL 61265-1746

examples of properly formatted addresses

Note that the room number always follows the building name in a Macomb address. Also, note that the Macomb ZIP code should include the “-1390” (+4) designation and the Riverfront zip should include the “-1746” (+4) designation.