Administrative Services

FY18 Furlough Program FAQ

Due to the ongoing budget impasse, the FY’17 Mandatory Furlough Program will be continued in FY’18 for non-negotiated administrative employees.

How many furlough days must I take?

Annualized pay as of July 1, 2017:

  • $50,000 and above: 8 (eight) days
  • $40,000–$49,999: 6 (six) days
  • $39,999 and under: 0 days

Can I elect to take a voluntary pay reduction in place of the Mandatory Furlough Program?

No, a voluntary pay reduction is not an option for the FY'18 program.

Are any employees excluded from this furlough program?

Employees currently excluded from this furlough program include:

  • Civil Service Employees
  • Employees earning less than $40,000
  • Employees paid on 100 percent grant or foundation funds
  • Student workers
  • Graduate assistants and teaching assistants
  • Negotiated employees
  • Employees hired on or after July 1, 2017
  • Employees whose contract lengths were reduced for FY'18 as a cost-saving measure.

How will I report furlough days on my timecard?

An anticipated furlough day will be recorded during the pay period immediately prior to the pay period when the furlough day is physically taken, at the bottom of the time card. On the day the furlough day is actually taken, no hours should be recorded.

Please Note: Advance notice to Academic Personnel is not necessary for the FY'18 Mandatory Furlough Day Program. Furlough time will simply be recorded on the timecard, with supervisor approval demonstrated via the approval of the timecard. An employee's individual supervisor may determine the need for additional notification processes to be followed in an employee's individual area.

How is a "work week" defined for this purpose?

Generally, a work week is defined as Monday through Sunday. If you have questions about whether your work week is the standard Monday through Sunday, please contact Academic Personnel at (309) 298-2216.

May I work during a furlough day?

No, an affected employee is not allowed to work on the furlough day. Supervisors may not require, ask, or permit employees to work on a furlough day. If an employee is required to work on a day that has been previously designated as a furlough day, the day will not be counted as a furlough day, and the employee will be required to take a different day as a furlough day during the relevant pay period.

In accordance with the furlough program, I am not permitted to work on a furlough day. What does "not permitted to work on a furlough day" mean?

An affected employee may not conduct any University business during the 24 hours of a furlough day. All time spent by an employee performing activities that are job-related is considered "work time" and is prohibited on the furlough day.

May I take furlough days in partial days or does it have to be in full-day increments?

A furlough day must be taken in a full-day increment.

My appointment is paid partially from state appropriations and partially from local funds (i.e., a split-funded appointment). Am I subject to the furlough program?

Yes. An affected employee in a split-funded appointment is subject to the program.

Will a part-time affected employee be required to take the same number of mandatory furlough days as a full-time employee?

Yes, if the employee meets the salary threshold (a minimum annual salary of $40,000), the employee must take the same number of mandatory furlough days as a full-time employee.

Can affected employees donate their time and work on the days they are on furlough leave?

No. Affected employees may not work on a furlough day.

How will the amount of pay reduction be calculated for each furlough day taken?

Monthly FTE/21.67 times percent of appointment

Can employees work additional hours to offset the time lost caused by the furlough day?

No. During the week a furlough day is taken, no hours in excess of a regular work day can be worked.

What if an affected employee does not take the furlough days as outlined?

All affected employees are expected to take the furlough days as outlined. If an employee fails to do so, the situation will be addressed by the appropriate vice president in conjunction with Academic Personnel.

What happens if my salary (reduced by unpaid furlough days utilized) is not sufficient to cover my payroll deductions?

In the event an employee does not earn sufficient pay to cover regular deductions, the missed deductions will be taken from a future paycheck. Please contact the Payroll Office for additional information.

Can I take a furlough day on the 1st day of the month?

No. A furlough day cannot be taken on the first calendar day of any month.

Can I take vacation leave or sick leave on a furlough day?

No. A furlough day is leave without pay.

What if a holiday occurs during the period of approved furlough and it is a scheduled work day?

A furlough day cannot be taken on a paid holiday; employees are expected to observe all paid holidays.

May I take a furlough day immediately before or after a University designated holiday?


What if I am on an approved leave of absence with pay during the furlough program?

You are still expected to take all your furlough days during the designated time frame. However, furlough days taken during the program will count as unpaid leave days required to be taken during that same time period.

Does my supervisor have to approve when I take an unpaid leave day?

Yes, a supervisor must approve the requested unpaid leave day(s) prior to the day it will be taken. While an individual supervisor may choose the process his or her employee must follow to request an unpaid leave day, the ultimate approval is granted via approval of the time card.

May I take a furlough leave day on a Saturday or Sunday?

Unless weekend work is part of an affected employee's scheduled work week, neither Saturday nor Sunday can be used as an unpaid leave day.

Can I take more than one furlough day in the same month?

Yes, with supervisor approval.

Can I take off two days together, one furlough day and one vacation day?

Yes, with supervisor approval.

Can an affected employee travel for University business on a furlough day?

No. An affected employee is expected to schedule furlough days around planned business travel.

What are my options if I would like to voluntarily participate in the FY’18 furlough program?

If you are a Civil Service employee, you cannot volunteer to take a furlough day. If you are an affected employee and would like to take more than the required days, please contact Academic Personnel. If you are not an affected employee, please contact Academic Personnel.