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Hiring Procedures for Civil Service Employees

The following outline is provided for supervisors planning to fill a vacant or new Civil Service Position.

  1. Job Description: Must be completed for each new position and updated for existing positions every three years or if duties have changed. Guidelines are available from Human Resources.
  2. Request for Civil Service Personnel Form : Complete and obtain required signatures for review by Human Resources. Upon approval, Human Resources will begin the recruitment process.
  3. Eligible List: Human Resources will certify eligible candidates from the register and refer to the hiring department a minimum of the top three persons by score (as well as tie scores and transfers).
  4. Advertising: A position is advertised and posted in the absence of a register or whenever it is deemed necessary at the hiring department's expense.
  5. Interviews: Human Resources will schedule interviews at the convenience of the hiring department. In the event any of the three candidates do not appear for an appointment, Human Resources can schedule an additional candidate by score from the register.
  6. Reference Checks: It is not mandatory to check references, however it is strongly recommended. Ask for references and call at least three of the references provided. It is recommended that only references provided by the applicant be contacted unless the applicant has signed an authorization giving permission for previous/current employers to be contacted. A poor reference check is not an automatic reason to reject a candidate, but part of a total picture which includes the application materials and interview.
  7. Affirmative Action Form and Starting Salary Form: An Affirmative Action form must be completed and returned to Human Resources before the position can be offered to the selected candidate. A completed Starting Salary Adjustment form must be submitted with the Affirmative Action form for hourly paid Civil Service positions unless the classification is covered by a prevailing wage agreement or established rate.
  8. Job Offer to Successful Candidate: Human Resources will notify the successful candidate. Upon acceptance by the candidate, Human Resources will contact the hiring department and coordinate placement/benefits.
  9. Tax Forms, Insurance Enrollment, U.S. Dept of Justice Employment Eligibility Verification I-9 Form: On the first day of employment, the employee should complete tax forms in the Payroll Office (Sherman Hall 221). It is also necessary to complete an I-9 form within three days and enroll in insurance benefits in Human Resources within ten days (Sherman Hall 105). The employee must provide identification and employment eligibility documents for the completion of the I-9 form.
  10. Orientation: An orientation session, lasting approximately one hour, will be scheduled by Human Resources to familiarize the new employee with University policies and procedures and complete any remaining employment papers.
  11. Probationary Evaluation: A probationary period must be successfully completed for retention as a certified employee. Civil Service employees must complete either a six-month or twelve-month probation, to be documented by the supervisor's completion of evaluations at two to three month intervals.
  12. Confidentiality: Information received about a candidate during the interview process should be kept confidential amongst those directly involved with the hiring process. Hiring departments should caution their staffs that the names of applicants should not be considered public information to discuss outside the office.

For additional information, consult the Civil Service Handbook.

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Civil Service Exempt Time Cards

The Civil Service Exempt time card is used to report:

  • Vacation and Sick Days
  • Other Approved Absences

Civil Service Exempt employees are paid on a semi-monthly basis. Payday is the 1st and 16th of the month.

Vacation, sick days, and other approved absences should be recorded. The time card must be signed by both the employee and the supervisor.

Time cards should be submitted to the Payroll Office at the end of the semi-monthly pay period.

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Civil Service Open Range Time Cards

The Civil Service time card is used to report:

  • All regular hours worked
  • Overtime hours*
  • Vacation and Sick hours
  • Other hours (Funeral, Jury Duty, etc.)
  • Night Shift hours
  • Moving Time hours
  • Compensatory Time

Civil Service Open Range employees are paid on Fridays on a bi-weekly basis.

Time cards are completed electronically using the University network on a bi-weekly basis by all employees scheduled to receive regular compensation on the upcoming payroll. Hours should be recorded on the time card under the appropriate column on a daily basis. The time card must be verified by both the employee and the supervisor.

All overtime must be approved by the fiscal agent.

Time cards are due in the Payroll Office by 1:00 p.m. on the Monday following Friday payday.

* If overtime hours are to be charged to a different budget number, the hours must be reported on a "red" time card. These time cards are available as needed from the Payroll Office.

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Civil Service Enrollment in Courses

Status employees in 50-100 percent appointments are eligible for tuition waivers. Employees on temporary layoff or temporary leave may also enroll in classes.

A Request to Enroll in University Classes Tuition Waiver Authorization form must be completed. The employee must specify the exact hours and days of vacation leave to make up hours missed during regular work hours due to class attendance.

The form must be signed by the employee and the employee's immediate supervisor, department head, and the Director of Human Resources prior to the start of the semester for which the employee is requesting enrollment.

Human Resources will route the request to the appropriate departments to effect the tuition waiver.

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