Administrative Services

New Employees

  • Clark, Pamela S., Clerk, UHDS Conference Services, 7/21/14. Campus Address: Olson Hall, Phone: 298-3209.
  • Dimmick, Grant A., Grounds Gardener, Landscape Maintenance, 8/4/14. Campus Address: Facilities Management, Phone: 298-2881


  • Calvert, Heather, Financial Aid Adviser Manager, Financial Aid transferred to Financial Aid Adviser Manager, WIUQC Financial Aid, 7/1/14.
  • Divan, Natalie K., Graphic Designer Associate, DPS reassigned to Graphic Designer Associate, Facilities Management, 7/21/14.

Name Changes

  • Lincoln, Constance M., Office Manager, Psychology 7/15/14. Former Name: Constance Upton
  • Marshall, Jaylene L., Medical Radiographer I, Beu Health Center, 7/18/14. Former Name: Jaylene Myers.
  • Van Dyke, Sadie R., Admissions/Records Officer, Registrar, 7/18/14. Former Name: Sadie Luper.


  • Brunnelson, Nathaniel J., Engineer, Facilities Management Planning & COnstruction, 7/25/14.
  • Chambers, Nathan L., Steam & Power Plant I, Heating Plant, 8/7/14.
  • DeJoode, Leann K., Child Care Assistant, Infant & Preschool Center, 8/11/14.
  • Quinn, Amanda L., Office Support Associate, Computer Sciences, 8/20/14.
  • Trusley, Beverly R., Library Assistant, Libraries, 8/8/14.
  • Woerly, Jane M., Office Manager, Philosophy and Religious Studies, 8/15/14.


  • Wilson, Janet L., Clerk, WIUQC Administration, 7/31/14.

Civil Service Employee of the Month for September 2014

Clint Hill, Civil Service Employee of the Month for September 2014

Clint Hill
Water Station Operator