Administrative Services

New Employees

  • Friedrichsen, Nichole D., Office Support Specialist, WIUQC Administrative, 9/19/16.
  • Harper, Andrew, Intercollegiate Athletic Equipment Specialist, Athletics, 9/15/16.
  • Herzig, James J., Office Support Associate, WIU QC Academic Affairs, 10/11/16.
  • Huston, April S., Office Support Specialist, Physics, 9/6/16.
  • Miller, Jennifer K., Clerk, IL Law Enforcement Training Study Board Executive Institute, 9/12/16.
  • Nation, Emily S., Accountant I, Accounting Office, 9/6/16.
  • Powell, Michele L., Account Technician II, Accounting Office, 9/29/16.
  • Reneau, Christina A., Chief Clerk, Distance Education Support, 9/6/16.
  • Shoemaker, Christian B., Office Support Associate, Biological Sciences, 10/10/16.
  • Troline, Brittany L., Accounting Associate, Accounting Office, 8/31/16.


  • Dunn, Jessica R., Accountant III, Business Services promoted to Assistant Comptroller, Accounting Office, 10/1/16.
  • Fultz, Margaritta M., Office Support Specialist, President’s Office promoting to Administrative Aide, WIU QC Administrative, 10/24/16 .
  • Kreps, Connie, Office Support Specialist, Psychology transferred to Office Support Specialist, Communication, 9/13/16.
  • Pumo, Breann N., Accountant II, Foundation & Development promoted to Budget Analyst II, Budget Office, 10/1/16.
  • Schoonover, Susan, Chief Clerk, Distance Education Support promoted to Administrative Clerk, Vice President for Advancement & Public Services, 10/10/16.
  • Swallow, Sara M., Financial Aid Adviser, Financial Aid promoted to Financial Aid Adviser Coordinator, Financial Aid, 9/26/16.
  • Taite, Theresa P., Admissions/Records Representative, Admissions promoting to Program Coordinator, Equal Opportunity and Access Office, 10/24/16 .
  • Wright, Cerese K., Chief Clerk, UHDS lateral move to Office Support Specialist, Geography, 9/26/16.

Name Changes

  • Magee, Allyson R., Financial Aid Adviser, Financial Aid, 10/4/16. Former Name: Allyson McGrew


  • Bremmer, Laura A., Library Assistant, Libraries, 9/7/16.
  • Little, Teresa K., Administrative Clerk, Vice President for Advancement & Public Services, 9/30/16.
  • Lotz, Cynthia L., Business Administrative Associate, Provost and Academic Vice President, 9/30/16.  Accepted A&P position on Campus.
  • Strom, Diana, Business Administrative Associate, Financial Aid, 9/25/16.  Accepted A&P position on Campus.


  • Jones, Jayne A., Office Support Associate, Law Enforcement and  Justice Administration, 9/30/16.

Civil Service Employee of the Month for October 2016

Karla White, Civil Service Employee of the Month for October 2016

Karla White
Office Manager
Department of Music