Administrative Services

New Employees

  • Chambers, Derinda K., Medical Office Specialist, Beu Health Center, 8/22/16.
  • Huffmier, Daniel S., Chief Broadcasting Engineer, Broadcasting & Journalism, 8/22/16.

  • Irwin, Tamara L., Human Resource Representative, Human Resources, 8/15/16.


  • Chambers, Kathy M., Chief Clerk, UU Bookstore promoted to Administrative Aide, Legal Services, 8/1/16.
  • Dorethy, Tara M., Account Technician II, Business Services promoted to Accountant I, Payroll, 8/22/16.

  • Frederick, Chad A., Customer Service Representative, Financial Aid promoted to Financial Aid Adviser Manager, 8/9/16.


  • Sprinkle, M. Denise., Route Driver, DPS-Mail Services, 7/17/16.
  • Vaughn, Susan J., Child Development Associate, Infant & Preschool Center, 7/4/16.


  • Bishop, Kerrie M., Police Corporal, Public Safety, 7/31/16.
  • Camp, Ginger L., Grounds Gardener, Landscape Maintenance, 8/26/16.

  • Carter, Angela K., Chief Clerk, Distance Education Support, 8/31/16.

  • Cox, Heidi A., Staff Clerk, Transportation Services, 7/29/16.

  • Davis, Amanda M., Program Assistant, Institute Rural Affairs, 7/15/16.

  • Edwards, Diane E., Office Manager, Geology, 7/29/16.

  • Fowler, Michelle D., Staff Nurse II, Beu Health Center, 6/23/16.

  • Heaton, Lauren M., Financial Aid Adviser Manager, Financial Aid, 6/23/16.

  • Kruse, Brittany J., Assistant Comptroller, Accounting Office, 8/10/16.

  • Marquardsen, Carol A., Office Support Specialist, Quad Cities Administration, 6/18/16.

  • Parks, Ashley N., Staff Nurse II, Beu Health Center, 6/17/16.

  • Sells, Anita, Human Resource Associate, Human Resources, 7/18/16.

  • Thomason, Angela K., Office Support Specialist, Study Abroad & Outreach, 8/7/16. Accepted A & P position on campus.

  • Trusley, Karen M., Program Assistant, Equal Opportunity and Access Office, 7/15/16.


  • Blue, Sandra S., Payroll Specialist III, Payroll, 7/31/16.
  • Canon, Dixie A., Staff Clerk, Provost & Academic Vice President, 8/31/16.

  • Myers, Donald J., Bookstore Department Supervisor, 7/31/16.

  • Schroll, Timothy L., Administrative Assistant, Facilities Planning & Construction, 7/31/16.

  • Stewart, Walter A., Building Service Worker, Facilities Management-Building Services, 8/31/16.

Civil Service Employee of the Month for October 2016

Karla White, Civil Service Employee of the Month for October 2016

Karla White
Office Manager
Department of Music