Administrative Services

New Employees

  • Clerkin, Kirsten D., Nurse Practitioner, Beu Health Center, 1/25/16 . Campus Address: Beu Health Center, Phone: 309/298-1888.

  • Newlon, Megan, Internal Auditor, Internal Auditing, 1/11/16 . Campus Address: Sherman Hall 310, Phone: 309/298-1664.

  • Pumo, Breann N., Accountant II, Development Office, 1/16/16 .  Campus Address: Sherman Hall 307, Phone: 309/298-1152.


  • Boyer, Sandra S., Office Support Specialist, Accounting & Finance reassigned to Office Support Specialist, Business Advising Center, 1/12/16 .

  • Green, S. A., Program Coordinator, Facilities Management reassigned to Program Coordinator, Legal Services, 1/4/16 .

  • Mayhugh, Kathy M., Office Support Associate, Agriculture reassigned to Office Support Associate, History, 2/1/16 .

  • Staley, Christine D., Office Manager, Kinesiology reassigned to Office Manager, Psychology, 2/1/16 .

  • Windsor, Linda J., Chief Clerk, Facilities Management re-employment to Storekeeper II, Facilities Management Stores, 1/4/16 .

Name Changes

  • Fultz, Margaritta M., Office Support Specialist, President’s Office, 1/4/16 . Former Name: Margaritta Fields.


  • Davila, Annette L., Senior Application Analyst, Administrative Information Management Systems, 1/17/16 . Accepted A & P position on campus.

  • Miller, Harold A., Building Service Worker, Building Services, 1/27/16 .

  • Reed, Shannon R., Business Administrative Associate, Purchasing 1/3/16 . Accepted A & P position on campus.

Civil Service Employee of the Month for December 2015

Cindy Lotz, Civil Service Employee of the Month for December 2015

Cindy Lotz
Administrative Clerk
Provost and Academic Vice President's Office