To provide the Western Illinois University community with professional services and high-quality, cost-effective publications while upholding the institution's core values and image.

The rate of charge for services reflects their actual cost and compares favorably to commercial rates in the University's service region. With the exception of mail and courier services, DPS receives no appropriated dollars.

The DPS team takes pride in providing high-quality, cost-effective services to the University community. If you have any questions regarding DPS policies or procedures, do not hesitate to contact us.


The mission of Document and Publication Services (DPS) stems from the commitment of the individuals of the DPS team to service and quality as well as from several Western Illinois University administration mandates:

  • To provide publication services from concept to delivery by streamlining the publishing, printing, and distribution process
  • To ensure adherence to the University Visual Identity Guidelines
  • To exist as the University's single point of contact for publications-related matters

Ensuring Quality and Consistency

The Visual Identity Guidelines have been prepared and distributed to ensure the success of Western Illinois University's visual identity through consistency of use. The guidelines contain approved standard graphic elements of the Western Illinois University identity system.

All documents produced for Western Illinois University related to official University business to be distributed to the campus community or outside the University must adhere to the Guidelines. If projects that are deemed by the client to be camera-ready are given to DPS for printing and do not meet the criteria as outlined in the Guidelines, the client may pay DPS to perform the required corrections/revisions or make the required changes him- or herself and resubmit the project to DPS. DPS reserves the right to identify and correct violations of the Guidelines at any point in the publication or distribution process. For example, if a violation is detected by DPS's mailing services, DPS will intercede and delay the mailing until appropriate revisions are made.

Click here to access the most current version of the Visual Identity Guidelines.

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