Production & Printing

DPS has up-to-date equipment which will bring greater savings to the campus community when ordering letterhead and envelopes.

DPS can print documents up to 12"×18" in-house and has a wide range of papers in stock in various weights, colors, and textures. Please allow two to three weeks to order and receive specialty paper.

DPS offers production and bindery services, which include binders, laminating, trimming, perforating, scoring, numbering, punching and wrapping, folding, saddle stitching, coiling, and comb binding.

Standard Production Timelines

The production schedules described in this section serve as guidelines to assist in the planning of DPS projects. Delivery dates are dependent on the timely approval of customer proofs. Rush and custom services are offered based on production capability at the time of the request, and surcharges may apply. The timelines listed in this section are approximate and dependent on specifications. Due dates must be specified when projects are initiated with DPS staff. "ASAP" is not an acceptable due date specification. In addition, a sample or a complete description of each project needs to be provided to DPS staff before timelines can be guaranteed. Please allow at least one business day for completion of all projects regardless of size and complexity. Please allow additional production time for high quantities or highly complex projects. It is absolutely imperative that DPS is notified as soon as possible about incoming projects.

Walk-Ins, Low Quantity, Basic Printing and Copying – up to 1 business day

Basic Printing and Duplication – up to 2 business days

Simple Printing and Bindery (black only, 5,000 copies or less, staple bindery) – up to 5 business days

Complex Printing and Bindery (multi-color, 5,000 copies or more, complex bindery [collating, punching, coiling]) – up to 10 business days

Western Business Cards (excluding layout time) – up to 3 business days

Western Letterhead and Envelopes (excluding layout time) – up to 10 business days

Western Departmental Flat Sheets – up to 7 business days for reorders without changes, up to 14 days for reorder with changes or new orders


See Prices for details.

Where Do I Start with My Project?

Customers can initiate the document preparation process by making an online request or by contacting DPS.

File Transfers to and from DPS

See File Transfers to and from DPS.

Important Information

  • A fiscal agent or other authorized signer must authorize all charges with a hand signature or by placing an order online using a corresponding ECom login. All such orders must include a department or organization account number.
  • DPS will not reproduce copyrighted material without written permission of the copyright holder.
  • Customers may pay for orders with cash, check, debit cards, or credit cards.
  • Because Illinois state law restricts the kinds of customers for whom DPS may perform work, non-University entities must meet strict guidelines and must have created an external account with the University in order for DPS to render its services. Charge to external accounts subject to a $1.00 minimum. The University's Billing and Receivables office sends bills for external accounts monthly.

Please call DPS at 309-298-1000 for estimates or billing questions.

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