Facilities Management

School of Agriculture Greenhouse

WIU Project Manager Chris Martin
Project Scope The new facility will consist of two 16’ by 48’ connected greenhouses with a connecting hallway.
External Vendors Leander Construction
Total Project Cost Approximately $470,000
Completion Date November 1, 2014

Project Description

This facility was designed in-house by Chris Martin. The greenhouses will be fully automated for year-round operation and will be capable of remote monitoring and control. One greenhouse will be utilized for teaching while the other will be utilized for research purposes only. There are plans to expand the facility with additional greenhouses and supporting facilities in the future.


The project is roughly 75% complete. 


Greenhouse Pour Insulated Foundation Forms Wall finishing Utilities going in August 28, 2014 August 29, 2014 Greenhouse Structure on September 13, 2014 Greenhouse Structure on September 13, 2014 September 16, 2014 September 29, 2014 September 29, 2014 October 7, 2014 October 15, 2014 October 15, 2014