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Intern Program

What is the Intern Program?

The Intern Program was established by the State Universities Civil Service System (SUCSS) to supplement an applicant pool in order to provide a cross-section representation of gender, racial, ethnic, and cultural groups.

Western Illinois University uses the following criteria, as outlined by SUCSS, to determine if a Intern appointment will be beneficial to both the department and the candidate:

  • The candidate lacks one or more of the minimum qualifications for the class;
  • Recruitment efforts have failed to attract qualified candidates;
  • Operating needs warrant ongoing training programs to supplement staffing recruitment efforts.
  • There is a recognized need for a specialized training program in a technical or professional field.

Intern Programs are utilized for those classifications that have an educational, experience, and/or skill requirement. The Intern program allows the University to hire individuals who possess career potential giving an individual an opportunity to receive on-the-job training and or experience.

What are the hiring stipulations for Interns?

An Intern can earn no more than 95% of the base salary for the classification in which they are hired. In addition, they do not accrue seniority until after the completion of the Intern Program and probationary period. Seniority is then retroactive to the date the employee was certified to the classification.

The program length varies depending on the classification and the current qualifications of the applicant. A program is written for a minimum of 3 months and can be a maximum of 24 months; however, certain positions that require special skills may exceed a 24 month period. An Intern employee is entitled to the same insurance, educational, and leave benefits as a status employee.

Who determines if a vacancy will be filled with an Intern?

A department supervisor determines if a vacancy will be filled with an Intern, as long as there are no current employees on the promotional register for the classification to be filled, and that the University will not exceed 10% of Intern employees in the current class.

An appointment with Intern status may be made by an employer with approval of the Executive Director (State Universities Civil Service System) to any position in which the employer indicates acceptability of an Intern, except a recognized trade or craft class.

An Intern applicant must complete an application for civil service employment and submit a resume.