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Information for Applicants

How can I become an Intern applicant?

After completing an application and submitting it to the Human Resource Office, your application can be evaluated to determine your qualifications and skills. Once this process has been completed, you can schedule an appointment with Katerina Dawson immediately or call 298-1971. An applicant’s qualifications or skills determine eligibility for a specific Intern program. A separate resume is required for the Intern program pre-screening.

Current WIU employees are also eligible for an Intern program. If you have questions, please contact Katerina Dawson at 298-1971.

If I have had a pre-screening interview, am I required to pre-screen again in order to remain on the applicant list?

No. Once an Intern applicant has completed an initial pre-screening interview, it is not mandatory to repeat unless it has been 2 years or more since the last pre-screening interview session. However, applicants are welcome to re-schedule pre-screenings anytime the sessions are available.

What can I expect after pre-screening interviews take place?

Pre-screening interviews will not guarantee a job. Job vacancies may not be available during the time of pre-screening interviews. Pre-screening interviews are mandatory for Intern applicants in order to be referred when a vacancy becomes available.

Applicants are encouraged to contact Katerina Dawson after completion of the pre-screening sessions for follow-up.