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Jerel Jones - Police Officer, Office of Public SafetyTed Renner - Construction Project Coordinator, Physical PlantBenjamin Dedjoe - Electrical Engineer, Physical Plant

Information for Applicants

How can I become an Intern applicant?

After completing an application and submitting it to the Human Resource Office, your application can be evaluated to determine your qualifications and skills. Once this process has been completed, you can request to be an Intern applicant. An applicant’s qualifications or skills determine eligibility for a specific Intern Program. You must submit a resume to become an Intern applicant.

Once you are an Intern applicant, your name will be added to the Intern interest list. Notifications of Intern Program opportunities are emailed to those on the list. The email will tell you the details of the vacancy and what to do to be considered for the opening. You will typically either need to meet criteria established by the hiring department, and/or submit some information in addition to your resume (i.e., a statement on why you would be a good candidate for the position). The information provided will be used to help refer candidates to the hiring department for interviews.

How many Intern vacancies are available?

There is no way to predict the number of Intern vacancies available in a given year.

In what classifications are most Interns hired?

A majority of Interns are hired in the clerical support and building service classifications. However, Intern employees cannot exceed 10% of the total positions in a class.

Can current University employees participate in the Intern Program?

Current Western Illinois University employees can participate in the Intern Program if they meet the outlined requirements. To participate in the Intern Program, an individual must lack one of the minimum qualifications for that classification and meet the criteria established by the hiring department.

If you have questions about the Intern Program, please contact Amelia Hartnett at (309) 298-1971 or email