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Employee Spotlight Heather McMeekan

Heather McMeekan

University Technology

"Do what you feel in your heart to do right, for you will be criticized anyway."   —Eleanor Roosevelt

Heather works as a Webmaster in University Technology in Horrabin Hall. Heather began her career at WIU in November 2005. Heather serves as a curator for the WIU website, ensuring feeds are pulled from other departments properly. She also manages the web calendar for the university, provides training on CMS, social media, writing for the web, photo editing, etc. to all departments when required or requested, and helps support the university web professionals. Heather enjoys being able to take repetitive processes to the web which allows students to access them easily, which allows them better use of their time with professors or for their academic needs. She shares, "I love highlighting all the amazing programs we have on campus. We do the spotlights for the WIU homepage and interior spotlights. I like creating the images that appear there!" Heather comments to prospective WIU employees about working at WIU, "The strength of our institution has always been our employees and our dedication to serving our students and helping each other. It's a team effort." When asked what her most memorable experience has been, Heather remembers, "Launching the Content Management System (CMS) which is our shared web utility. There were only two of us that worked on this and we did it in three weeks…bringing that to WIU has been a turning point for WIU. The web is our front door—those that manage it deserve a lot of credit for ensuring the information is accurate, appropriate, and aids all employees. It helps serve our students better and increases productivity." Heather credits her Master's Degree in Health Education as something that has helped her greatly in her position. "It prepared me to write and to distinguish reputable sites. It helped me communicate to audiences with appropriate language free from emotion or bias." Heather loves the events and outreach our university provides to the community. "WIU provides excellent opportunities for our community to experience cultural and artistic events, and advance their own knowledge. WIU puts forth a great effort to provide healthy options for students to grow and be well-rounded individuals." If Heather's work doesn't keep her busy enough, she still finds time to serve on the board of the West Central Illinois Arts Council; she enjoys fine art, and especially spending time with her family and two children.

HR salutes Heather McMeekan as one of our many committed Civil Service employees at WIU!