Administrative Services

Approval Date: 12/09/05
Revision Date: 12/11/08
Approved By: Faculty Senate

Grades and Class Attendance

Evaluation of a student's achievement is the responsibility of the instructor. It is assumed that during the progress of the course every instructor will have applied adequate, valid measures which will result in an objective, reasonably reliable grade assignment and that these measures will have been made known to the student at the beginning of the term.

Reasonable measures should be taken by the instructor, within the framework of the class structure, to evaluate the students and to make the results available to the students upon inquiry. Instructors should attempt to consult with students who are doing unsatisfactory work.

An Incomplete for a course may be given only when the student, due to circumstances beyond his/her control, has been unable to complete the course requirements within the official limits of the term. The mere failure to complete an assignment or to take the final examination, unless illness or other emergency is the cause, does not justify the recording of the Incomplete. The circumstances involved must be documented to the instructor's satisfaction.

If an instructor neglects to record a grade for a student, an Incomplete will be recorded. It will be the responsibility of the instructor to initiate a change of grade. If an instructor does not submit a final gradesheet by the Registrar's deadline, an Incomplete will be recorded. It becomes the instructor's responsibility to submit:

  1. The original gradesheets; and
  2. Change of grade forms to the Registrar's Office.

Students are expected to attend all classes in which they are enrolled. Instructors should exercise good judgment in considering excuses for absences, but it is the student’s responsibility to confer with the instructor and to agree to any reasonable arrangements to compensate for his/her non-attendance.

When a student does not appear in class for several sessions, the instructor may contact the Office of Student Development and Orientation so that attempts may be made to locate the student.

Change of Grade Request:

If the instructor makes an error in determining the student's final grade, the reported grade may be changed. Grade changes for other reasons would normally be initiated under the incomplete grade, grade appeal, or academic integrity policies. For changes under this policy, the request for change should be initiated by the instructor and reported to the Registrar's Office within three weeks after the next term begins. The form for submitting the change of grade may be obtained from the department chairperson or the Registrar's Office and must be completed in triplicate, stating clearly and fully the basis for the requested change of grade. The department chairperson must countersign the form, indicating that he or she has reviewed and approved the requested change. Under special circumstances, as outlined below, the grade change shall additionally require the approval and signature of the dean. Upon receipt of a valid grade change form, the Registrar's Office will change the permanent record, and will forward one copy of the change of grade report to the student's academic advisor and one copy to the student. The Registrar's Office will return without action any grade change form that does not meet the specifications for justification and required signatures.

Special Circumstances

Special circumstances arise when:

  • The department chair is the instructor of record. In this case the dean signs as the department chair's supervisor, indicating approval of the change.
  • The error in determining the final grade is recognized after the expiration of the three week window for initiating grade changes.
  • The instructor and the department chair cannot agree upon the magnitude or justification for the grade change. As chief academic officer of the college, the dean will review the case with the instructor and department chair, and will render a decision. If either the instructor or the department chair is unwilling to accept the dean's decision, that party may request arbitration by the Council on Admission, Graduation, and Academic Standards (CAGAS).